Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hair drama and jealousy

So I had a hair appointment this afternoon to get my hair blowdried for the Tv thing tomorrow.

She'd just started when I saw it - TONS of grey.

I knew I needed a touch-up but I didn't know it was that bad.

I asked her if she could do a colour but there wasn't enough time before they close at 5pm so she couldn't help me.

I rushed out of there to Pick & Pay, bought some 10-minute hair colour and as soon as I hit publish, I will be doing my hair myself.

Now bear in mind that I can't actually blow dry my hair properly like the hairdresser can and tomorrow's thing is too early to go first and then get there, so I have to just do the best I can.

Oh, I'm dreading this evening.

Tomorrow, I need to just focus on the purpose of it all - me sharing my knowledge. The producer sent me some questions to get me thinking and she did a fabulous job - they are fantastic questions, things I could answer in my sleep.

So at least I don't have to worry about what to say.

Only about how the camera adds 10 pounds (as if I need any more help!) and about my crazy curly hair!

On the bright side, imagine how much more worrying I'd have to do if V was still at Home Affairs :)

As far as the babies are concerned, Kendra's started getting seriously jealous if D (mainly) or I pick up Connor. She howls and wails like we just told her we don't love her and her world is ending.

Yesterday when we got home after our date, V was busy bathing Kendra. I went into the bathroom, chatted a bit and D went to check on Connor.

D eventually comes into the bathroom, holding Connor. Kendra sees this and BURSTS out crying.

We thought she'd stop after he started talking to her but no. I had to take Connor so D could console her.

What on earth?!

We've had it very mildly before with Kendra, never with Connor, but never this WAILING for minutes on end!

Is this jealousy or something else?

P.S. Thanks to the comment from Sweets on yesterday's post, I now know exactly what to do for our babies' eventual passports. Just another reason I love blogging.


  1. I get so frustrated when people seem to assume that because other people might not watch their kids that you won't either. I mean if they have past history with me to go on then bring it up, but if it's based on some horrible selfish person that doesn't understand their kids are their responsiblity, then don't bring me into it.

    And, yes we are passport ready, except for the kids, but I have to say I wish we took advantage of that before we had kids. We really should have, but we always put that stuff off because of work. So I think it's great that you do that. And don't get me started on credit cards not feeling like real money. We're clamping down on the budget right now. Need to be more frugal.

  2. I'm sure you'll do fine with the hair. I hate grays, but I call them "my glitters." It helps me cope...that a wine.

    I wouldn't buy into the jealousy thing. My pedi says they really start to try manipulation at that age and he was right. It's ridiculous and apparently doesn't end for another 17 years!

    Good luck. Stay strong. She will be fine.

  3. Good luck for today! I am pretty sure it is going to go great :).


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