Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hmmm, not prepared for this weather

As I type this the wind is howling outside the hotel.

We're on the 8th floor of a large hotel on the beachfront which means we are half way through our holiday and have 5 days to go.

Since we've been here we've had 2 okay days (not raining but not hot), 1 fantastic day (coincidentally the day of our photoshoot) and then lots of rain. And my friend Eve with the twin boys (she's also here on holiday) tells me this weather will be continuing until Saturday. Grrr.

Certainly puts a spanner in my works. We have loads of outdoor plans and a get together I want to attend but I'm not wasting the good weather when it happens (see how optimistic I am?).

Coastal rain is not the same as our wonderful Highveld thundershowers.

In Jhb, the days are very hot with a dry heat that I love and then we have a quick but very heavy thundershower every afternoon to cool things down. It's fantastic except if you're caught in those thundershowers in the traffic :)

Here at the coast, it's a lighter rain that just lasts forever. By forever I mean the whole darn day.

As a result, we are all out of clothes. I packed for warm to hot weather with two long-sleeved tops each IN CASE it got a bit cold.

Well, the "bit cold" has been the norm. The babies wore their shorts once since they got here - Tuesday morning.

So we've already done one load of laundry and now there are little vests, babygrows, tops and jeans ALL over the two hotel rooms :) And we probably should do a second load tomorrow except I'm loathe to add more laundry to this space.

My natural instinct is to go out and buy a few more things which I tried but... since it's summer here, there is NOTHING in the shops. I found some jeans for Kendra though.

I need to tell you about the photo shoot, a bit about the holiday and of course, the usual stuff that I always have to chat about (like how my kids went to DAYCARE!) but for now, I've promised myself that I need to answer emails because I have 31 in my inbox which is BAD for me.

Is anyone still reading? (seriously)


  1. I'm reading! I am behind on blogging and mostly everything right now, but I am reading! : )

    And wait--what? Your kids went to daycare? Did I miss something?

  2. Yes, and I am still reading :-)

    Hope the weather is better today...


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