Monday, December 20, 2010

How light do you travel?

this was our luggage going to Ireland for a week

D and I just spent the last hour and a half packing our stuff as we fly back home tomorrow.

How is it that things multiply, change shape and just don't fit?!

On our way down, we checked 4 bags - 1 for D, me and the babies and a miscellaneous one with baby clothes for my sister. That was 56 kg.

I was horrified at how "heavy" we were despite our allowance being 80 kg.

When D and I last travelled to Ireland (23 weeks pregnant with the babies), I had a hand luggage suitcase weighing 8 kg and D had a normal one weighing about 15 kg. See pic.

Confession - that was the lightest I've ever travelled aside from 15,8 kg for 3 weeks in a UK winter the previous year. I'm still most proud of that.

See I'm that person who used to take 3 overnight bags to stay somewhere for 2 days. I'd always stand in the check-in queue at the airport, openly envious of those girls with one little bag (that's how it seemed to me anyway) and their handbag.

And then I was that person. :)

And now we're up by 33 kg. I'd like to blame it all on the babies but I can't - it seems I've given myself permission to cart a lot more rubbish around with me (in the name of "being prepared") and I don't like it.

I like to be a lean, mean travelling machine.

Going back we have 5 bags instead of 4 - the 5th one is some presents for the kids and so on...

All the bags are bulging - thank goodness we have those expandable suitcases and, I have to add, I normally don't even use the expandable portion.

Anyway, so what kind of packer are you?

Are you those girls at the airport with one bag or are you the post-baby me?

Puffer, I'd love it if you'd weigh in - you seem to be a master packer. How do you do it, especially with babies???


  1. I forgot to pack anything to take on honeymoon... I was so excited about the wedding I literally clean forgot!!! We had to buy a toothbrush on the way... Nothing's changed I am an appalling packer and redefine minimalism. I reckon I live with my family and their stuff and when we are away they can live in my dream world of nothing!!! So we travel really light!!! We recently went away for a week and my husband was seriously concerned - as he said most people take more than this for a morning at the beach... Luckily we were going miles away from the sea!!! Turns out everyone was clothed, fed and clean... no-one was bored!!! And yay for the Kindle because you can literally take a library of books in the space of a notebook!!! Travel safely!!!

  2. Two bags, max, ever! We actually threw out our luggage a while back because we never used it. We have a duffle that I've been hauling around since high school that will hold EVERYTHING! If it doesn't fit, we don't need it. When we last traveled with the babies for 4 days I had the duffle with room to spare, the diaper bag, and a bag of baby bottles/b.pump/formula/feeding supplies. Last time we went away for the weekend we just had the duffle and diaper bag. I should mention that we don't fly and I admire your courage to fly with little ones.

    Would it have been easier to mail the presents home or would there have been more fees??

  3. I'm somewhere in between. i'd love to travel light, but then I'd be missing something I love and need. DH is the one who packs all suitcases, so he talks me down. I'll put together piles of outfits or things we need and then DH packs it together so nicely. We say he can put 20 lbs of potatoes in a 10 lb bag.

  4. I freaked the hell out in October when our bags were overweight. I was mad b/c we paid for seats for the Crazies and only had two bags...split the difference and give me my damn $50 back!!! I have always traveled heavy and probably always will!

  5. I used to pack lightly before Henry :) I'm amazed at how much stuff I pack (even for me because I'm in a rush)

    Lol at your comment on my blog...I would love it if he ended up being a preacher. I wonder though if he will be an engineer since he is so into "fixing things" and taking things apart :).

    Your kids are precious :)

  6. Packing light is an art, but I feel it also takes practice!
    I've been to 30 countries in the last 10 years and I've been able to get it down to a fine art, but with much practice.
    One of the main things to remember is: you can buy just about everything you need when you get there if you find you really need it.
    AND: handwashing.
    If you can pack for 3-4 days, that is the same as 3-4 months.
    Here is an EXCELLENT article that just came to me this morning:

    If that link doesn't work try to google: How to Travel Very Lightly
    By Simone Cannon de Bastardo

    It's one of the best I've read.
    Good luck!

  7. Sato Travel-very lovely and all post are very good


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