Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried

We had a bit of an Amazing Race scenario this morning. After I promised myself to never ever do this again after a nightmarish run at top speed by two unfit people (me and D) through Heathrow airport trying to catch our flight to Jhb.

I wish I were joking but the doors were literally closing as we ran through them.

We were those people whose names get announced on the intecom *blush*

Anyway, back to today.

We had to check in at 12:25. Final check-in is 12:55 and this is peak season at the coast so there are always hordes of people.

My sister had to come collect the car seats and take some of our luggage to the airport so we arranged to meet at 12:15 - the hotel was less than 5 minutes away.

I forgot she's on coastal time however and she pitches up at 12:35 after about 3 phone calls from me, "WHERE are you?"

"We're on our way."

And so it went on.

In case it is unclear she is a P. I'd forgotten this but I have made a mental note to tell her 30 minutes before the time I actually want her there, if there's ever a next time.

So we get close to the airport and D tells me we still need to fill the rental car with petrol.

I freak out! Wouldn't you?

Apparently they charge you more to fill the car than if you do it yourself so I insisted he first drop me and the babies, give me all the travel docs and let me do my persuasive thing if they didn't want to let me check him in too.

Meanwhile my sister took another route to the airport (don't ask me why!) and is nowhere to be found.

Also the photographer had agreed to meet us at the airport with the disc and prints (and me with his money). He also phones me on the way there - he ran out of petrol. I feel like the whole world is conspiring against me.

We arrange for him to post the stuff to me. He then phones back. Managed to push his bike to a petrol station and now has petrol so if we're still at the airport, could he still come? Yes.

Are you still with me?

I now have the ginormous twin pram with babies shouting "daddy, daddy" waiting for 1) D, 2) my luggage 3) photographer 4) my mother and brother to say goodbye

Gosh - I was STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortunately the girl at the check-in counter was fantastic - checked all of us in with no problems at 12:55. While she was doing that, my BIL arrived with our luggage. In the nick of time.

Got boarding passes and then saw the photographer and then D.

Good thing I naturally have low blood pressure because I was hot and sweating and of course, not talking to D. Cross about the petrol!

The actual flight was worse coming home than going, both in terms of babies' behaviour and turbulence.

They moved us around so it was just our family in a row. Bad because the kids are familiar with us and were tossing food all over the place. I'd feel bad for the flight staff BUT I got severe attitude when I asked for a straw so I didn't feel in the least bit bad.

Once we landed however, everything went beautifully - our car was waiting (I used valet parking - WELL worth every rand) and our friend was waiting too, to take our luggage home.

I love travelling but I love love LOVE coming home.

So now the house is clean but there's stuff everywhere. One load of laundry is done and there's another 2 - 3 loads to go.

The babies were very cute when we got home - Kendra stood absolutely still next to a chair in my entrance way, completely silent, just staring, for a full 10 minutes. I think she was shell-shocked. :)

Connor leapt from D's arms and flew around the house, "discovering" his space again. When he happened upon his favourite car, he squealed with glee. Too sweet.

They were both asleep by 6:45 and I'm about to head to bed myself.


  1. whew, I am exhausted just READING that! Hope your photos turned out really well!

  2. I am a little stressed out just from reading about your day! Glad y'all had a good trip and arrived home safely.

    I can just imagine Kendra standing there, in awe of being back home. Precious!

  3. That has got to be the most stressful day ever! My worst nightmare! Glad you got home safe and sound in the end..

  4. Exhausting!!! Glad you are home safely! Enjoy your time at home with the babies!

  5. That would have sent me over the edge...I would have left without saying good-bye, without my prints, without my luggage, and booked a later flight for D! Glad you're home...enjoy settling back in!

  6. oh wow, that's a good one! We've had that same problem with the petrol before and trying to find a gas station near the airport. Turns out they don't really have them near the airports (here anyway) in most places because the car rental companies want to make sure you buy the overpriced petrol from them!
    We just do that sometimes instead of getting too stressed out. I HATE paying the extra cash, but I hate the stress, too.
    Glad you are back home and all is well:)


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