Thursday, December 02, 2010

I survived the TV thing!

The cutest little girl in the world

I love squishing her!

Well, my hair was not looking the best it's ever looked but I was calm and centred when I got there and it was great.

(Thanks for your SMS, Caren - I appreciated it very much)

I wore black pants and a very un-Marcia-like top but it worked. I read in a recent book that because I'm a Choleric, I need to "soften" up my default setting of wearing black and red power suits (I squirmed when I read that because it is SO me).

So I wore a soft, chiffon-type top with ruffles (!) down the front. Very non-Marcia.

When I told D, "I bought a top that is the exact opposite of anything I'd ever buy, he described it to a T" - I love that he knows me so well LOL

I've said this before but it is SO wonderful working with professionals - I love it!

Everyone knew their place and did their thing beautifully.

The director was low-key and not overbearing, the sound guy was awesome, the camera guy was also fantastic and the presenter and I got on very well.

Her baby was born on my hubby's bday last year so my kids are 20 days older and we had tons to talk about, besides the time management.

The actual interview was great - she asked all the questions (very naturally and not forced at all) and I answered them all very nicely according to both the filming guy and the director.

They then filmed over my shoulder and some wide-angle shots, and then some footage of us walking on the balcony outside for intros, etc.

I love, love, LOVE anything "behind the scenes" so I was VERY intrigued to see exactly how they do things so there's continuity and how the hair must be "just so". Fascinating. I think I would be a good director actually. LOL

Do you also watch the "making of" clips on DVDs? Those are my favourites!

So it airs in a few weeks' time - eeek! {Is that apostrophe correct?}

And I can finally relax.

Although tonight's "relaxing" involved doing the budget.

I've made an appt with a financial planner for next week to come talk about updating our wills (Mash, I got scared silly after I read the article you posted on that online newspaper!) and seriously saving for the kids' education and boring things like that.

Now I've got to send a lovely thank-you email to those people and then off to bed.

How are you guys doing with Christmas prep? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being all done?
(I'm about a 6)

P.S. look at the beautiful jacarandas in the background - OH, I love them!


  1. So glad you had a great experience with the filming! And that top picture of you and K is absolutely adorable. :)

  2. So glad it went well for you today! I was going to ask when you emailed me about your dinner but I though that meant it was still Wednesday-I'm horrible with this time difference! You'll definitely have to post about the kids education funds, my lump sum savings approach isn't going to cut it and I need input!

    K's smile is just perfect! So natural and unforced! I should schedule some pictures, but after Emma has healed from her most recent tumble. :)

    Christmas...overall a 4.06. Presents -6.8, Deco-0.8, Christmasy feeling- 4.6. Hopefully tomorrow I'll decorate during nap instead of waste my time online.

  3. Those are my favorite pictures yet...especially that first one...adorable!!

    Yes, the apostrophe is correct in 'a few weeks' time'. : )

    Glad everything went well. Will there be a way to share a clip of your spot online? I know I'm not the only one who would love to see it.

    Christmas...5-ish. I've still got quite a bit to do, but that's the usual for me.

  4. Thanks for mentioning me M! Glad to hear the tv thing went well. Can't wait to see your tv broadcast, then I can say hey, I know that lady!

    I am very disorganized for xmas this year. All I have bought so far is xmas serviettes, some xmas cards, labels & wrapping paper! Oh and S & S's gifts. But xmas will be very low key, as usual, just 5 adults and S & S, for lunch at our new home. A can't wait to try out his new oven and gas hob - he is the cook in the house!

  5. Those pictures are look FABULOUS!

    Shit, we really need to do our wills...pronto!

    Glad things we went and that your hair cooperated. Sometimes things go the way we need them to, right?

  6. Congrats it went so well!!! Love the pics and we're about a 5 at being ready for Christmas. I have some things to do today to get further along on that

  7. These pics you keep posting are amazing!! I love them all. I've shopped some for Christmas, but that's it. No decorating or anything yet.


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