Thursday, December 09, 2010

It finally arrived

Well, my parcel finally arrived after I had to pay an additional R336 in customs duties.

I haven't even had the time to query it yet but as I told MandyH, what can I do? I want the stuff!

Here is Kendra modelling her one. Her brother's one is blue and white. They are very sturdy and look like they're made very well. The best thing is they fold up really small, A5 size but not as wide.

The more observant of you will have noticed she's finally looking a bit girly around the hair.

That is totally by accident. I wear a headband when I need to hide the grey hair and she loves to fit it on, so I bought her her own one, only much cuter than my boring black one. Can you see the cute flower?

Now I only have to wait for another 3 parcels to arrive. *sigh*

Here's my personal to-do list before I go on leave:
  1. finish Christmas cards
  2. pack for babies - clothes, nappy/activity bags, bottles, sippy cups, utensils and some empty plastics to store food.
  3. pack for me - clothes, books, laptop, camera, cords
  4. pack girl baby clothes for my sister's baby arriving in March
  5. pack gift wrap bags for Christmas presents (I am a genius if I say so myself - I know exactly what I'm getting for everyone so when I get there, I will dash to the shops, get the stuff and wrap them).
  6. arrange for V and cleaning lady (in the pre-baby days, we'd clean the house before we left for holidays as I LOVE coming home to a clean house - it feels like a sanctuary. This year I'm getting V in to watch babies while we do last packing and tidying, and the cleaning lady will clean until we have to leave for the airport)
  7. arrange platinum parking (this R450 will be the best R450 I've ever spent, of that I have NO doubt)
  8. get hair done
  9. confirm photoshoot with photographer (he very kindly told me he's tentatively booked time for us for the next day too in case the weather doesn't co-operate)
I'd say I'm just about ready to go on leave.

At work, I'm basically up to date and will brief the boss on the non-up to date things. I will also get to find out my salary increase. Which will probably really get me in the mood to go on leave as I always think I should get more (!). This year when we got bonuses, I got a truly gigantic one (for the insurance industry) and it was the first time I didn't think I should have gotten more :)

Have I mentioned my family is having "Christmas" just for us on the Sunday before we leave for home? I love it - they know how much I love food!

I truly am tired of eating my own food and need a break. My intention is to take lots of walks with the babies to walk off the good food - my sister LOVES food even more than I do and loves trying new things too.

Tomorrow I will post Christmas pics :)

I'm at about a 7 now with prep for Christmas. How about you?

P.S. What is it with babies who don't want to "perform" on demand? Today my friend with the twins, C, stopped by and Connor only started speaking a MINUTE after she'd left. He was happily waving "bye-bye" once back inside, safe in his bedroom :) D says he's just like me LOL


  1. On the last note, I swear people think I drug my children sometimes! We went to the grocery store today. I was pushing them in their stroller, pulling the cart. I always plan our trips. The girls had had a snack, and we had a good hour until we needed to be home for lunch. I talked to them the entire time, and they were content to look around at all the sights.

    It's not uncommon for people to say, "Wow, they're so quiet! Are they sleepy? Do they not feel well?" KNOCK ON WOOD as I type this, but I just want to say, "No, they're just well-behaved!" HA!

    For our girls, I think it's a matter of timing the outing, combined with a shyness in public. They're not much to smile and wave at random strangers. That, coupled with them sitting still, seems to make people think there's something wrong. :)

    Good for you on being a 7 towards Christmas! I'm feeling about a 6, which I don't think is too bad. :)

  2. My girls do the same thing around most people. There is a select group that they will talk to right off the bat; otherwise, they have to warm up for quite awhile. They are typically VERY quiet in public. Lately, though, Mackenzie has taken to waving at random people...she's fine unless they come closer to try and actually talk to her!

    Kendra is PRECIOUS sitting in that big chair! Love the headband too.

    Christmas? I'd say a 5 at this point...I hope to get a lot done this weekend.

  3. I absolutely feel the need to stop by the shop and buy myself some chair seats tomorrow! I've been talking myself out of it for months. Horrible idea as I'm trying to eat out less...
    Christmas prep is at a strong 4. I'm hopeful for this weekend.
    This baby hair is killing me. It's not enough to style, but too much to leave untouched. After nap time it's everywhere, and I am not one for headbands. The girls refuse to keep hats on so I'm sure headbands would be a waste anyhow.
    I'm actually excited for your vacation, all this build up, I hope it's wonderful!

  4. Oh Kendra is just too cute! And that is such a clever idea, where did you get them from?

  5. those things are great! I bought one, locally, a few months ago. Actually I saw it somewhere just after my boy was born, and a few months ago my MIL was telling me about something similar she used with her boys. So I went searching again. I think yours looks a bit better than mine though. (the one I got was really cheap - maybe R180, if) How long can yours be used for? Where did you get it?

  6. Sweets, these are the ones I got

    Fantastic service from Bayla.

  7. Oops, too fast - they go up to 35 pounds (about 16 kg).

    My sister's son was about 15 kg at age 3 so I figured it's good value for money. And as I said, they fold up REALLY small so easy to pop into a handbag.


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