Friday, December 17, 2010

Photo organising zen

Remember earlier this week when I blogged about the photos?

Well, Laura commented and we then went back and forth chatting a bit about photo organising.

I told her she should blog about her system and she said she had something in drafts. Wonderful!

And now I bring you... the system I would like to have...

Go read Laura's fantastic photo organising post.

What I do with my photos are:

  1. I print a very select few that make me smile - these go in frames on my desks at work and at home. Only thing is my desk is getting very busy. We also put the frames around the house but again, looking very busy so I want to do a wall of frames.
  2. I bought a digital photo frame a few months ago. I put some of our travel pics on there and some of the babies' pics and it is LOVELY to see the randomness of something that took my breath away (like Wicklow, Ireland) in the middle of the chaos that is mostly at my house. I'd like to say these pics often keep me sane and centred :)
  3. Blog them
  4. Facebook them (although I don't really like to put tons of the babies' pics there - who knows which per.verts are checking them out?! We all know people who seemed very respectable and are, in fact, very dodgy )
So...let's come clean.

I take about 300 - 400 a month (babies, skies, food, organising, other randomness), I delete a lot (blurry, dark, flash, etc.) and I end up keeping about 120 - 200. I am HORRIFIED at that amount because I thought I delete more.

How many photos do you take on average, every month? And of those, how many do you keep?

P.S. I've just decided to set a goal to keep only 150... when I get to that I'm going to work at it until I'm only keeping less than 100 :)

P.P.S. Do my kids not look very big all of a sudden?


  1. Let's just say, since receiving an incredibly nice DLSR camera for my anniversary, we have added an external hard drive just for my photos. I can easily take 150 in one shoot!! I too delete the bad ones but I still have so many good ones that it is hard to delete them!

  2. I'm a bit more minimalistic - I have print albums and I print only once a year in December. (I'm on top of things this year and have already done 2010 album) I printed 150 pics. Time helps with selecting, as there are lots of last year Christmas pics I would never have printed had I had a bit more time inbtn taking them and printing them. On my hard-drive I have double that, I only select the ones I love for printing, even though I don't know what to do with all the electronic pics. I've very strict with only keeping VERY good shots. I did a photography course when I studied interior design, and I think that has raised my std's for what I consider a good pic, and most of mine don't make the grade! I also do a second round of deleting after a few months as I have more perspective on what's important rather than what's new in the album.

  3. I laugh... very nervously!!! I easily take 300 photos a day!!! Without a blink!!! And never have time to delete them, it would take years off my life - so I have a big fat hard drive and I keep a backup... well two actually in case something happens to the one!!! I do label and "keyword" all my new photos as I load them up before I blog each evening - else I would never find anything!!! ANd the ones I use on our blog I load up to flickr - and store them there... so plenty of storage... Just the thought of sifting and deleting kills me!!! Every now and then I have a clean out and delete a couple of thousand... but it doesn't dent the numbers so I just live with it and don't let it bother me - at all!!! I have picked my fights and I prefer to have the front hall tidy than my photographs thinned out!!! Hope the sun comes out on your holiday!!!

  4. How did I miss this post??? I don't actually have time to read it now (although I will...definitely can benefit from some photo organizing tips!)...but I love those pictures! The one of you and C at the edge of the frame, in the distance, is beautiful! :)

  5. I probably take 300 pictures a month on average. I delete about 100 of those, and usually load the remaining 200 to Shutterfly. There I edit further and delete some more...but I spend a heck of a lot of time on it. I like to play with editing, because I've gotten some pretty good cropped shots here and there...say one where A has her eyes closed, but B is smiling. At first glance I might want to delete it, but in the end it turns out to be a great picture of B.

    Of the 200 I transfer to Shutterfly, I try to weed those down to 75 or so for the month.

    The difference in my system and yours is that I then print those pictures. On average I put 30 or so in an album for the month. The remaining 30 pictures are in photo storage boxes.

    I know I'm pretty wasteful when it comes to pictures, but it's the one area where I splurge (not just on Shutterfly, but with photographer pictures). I can't help myself! I wish it weren't such a drain on time and money, but I just don't want to miss a thing! :)

    I'm off to check out the post you linked to...I'd love to streamline this process, as long as I wouldn't feel like I was missing capturing any memories.

  6. I take around 500 - 1000 pictures a month, and I keep all of them. Looking back at my parents pictures, I found enelopes of pictures that "weren't so good" ... but the details in the back ground were what caught me - forgotten details of my child hood - a picture that was captured - long broken and thrown out - but I couldn't remember where I had seen it - and there it was on the wall. Furniture, a sour face on a grandparent that I remembered so well - but none of the "good pictures" caught that.

    I download them by date in my Picasa file on my computer. I rarely delete anything - eerything is stored as an original - because editing compromises the picture - it is better to edit the original than to edit what you edited already.

    Also, they really don't take up any "real room" - so I blog the ones I like the best. Someday, I would LO^e to print one of those books that has all the blog entries in it. But groceries and electricity comes first.


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