Sunday, December 05, 2010

There's nothing quite like a deadline

The TV segment airs probably next Sunday and I gave out my new website during the interview so I am frantically rewriting copy.

I've narrowed my niche a lot more from what I used to do and the website represents me more. It seems to be working as I have tons more clients.

Only thing is I'm having to rewrite most of it.

So I've been emailing clients for testimonials, uploading new pics, checking links, etc, etc.

Dreadfully boring (for me) but I have outsourced everything else possible and now the rest is up to me. Only I can write what I do in a compelling and passionate fashion :)

Or at least at a reasonable cost.

I paid a girl to write some copy for me on one of my sales pages for my bestselling product since I figured I make lots of money off that page anyway and .............. no difference. Also it seemed she just made more subheadings out of my existing copy. I was very cross. I hate wasting money.

So unless I can pay thousands (I can't and won't) I will do it all myself.

Last night I spent about 3.5 hours writing, tweaking, working on the website and am happy to say I finished 6 pages.

I have 2 main pages to go and then there are 4 off of the one. Those will have to wait for tomorrow and Tuesday.

I was FINISHED last night and actually had to take a Norflex because my back was so sore. My eyes were too and I couldn't even read!

Today I honoured my body and rested.

Took babies to church, did a quick stop off at the Crazy Store for some "aeroplane toys" and then home. It was crazy hot so after lunch we put them down for a nap and you know what? K slept for 2 hours and C slept for 2 hours 10 minutes. Unheard of.

The best thing is D and I also slept for 2 hours. May this be the first of many, many Sunday naps.

When they woke we played "boats" which is where each child sits in a plastic storage container and a parent pulls them around the entrance hall. They love it and I just love their little giggles.

Yesterday afternoon we had our Fertility Babies Christmas Party. We held it at a pre-school (one of the moms owns it) so it was fabulous - toys, sandpit, see-saw, etc, etc.

We got to see all the babies (the oldest kids are a year older than mine so it's nice to see the future, although those kids are SO well behaved) and best of all, meet the husbands. The host is a single mom who used donor sperm. D is very impressed that someone would do this parenting thing alone. So am I. I said to him, "well, think of Eve. Single and with TWINS."

She also did party packs for the kids which I loved, loved, loved. Homemade playdough with a little roller and two cookie cutters and best of all (you know how much I love notes), a note from her child saying something like "I asked my mom to make some for you too and here's the recipe in case your mommy wants to make some for you". D and I both LOVED it!

I've just wrapped 10 Christmas gifts - yay! My study is still a mess as this is the dumping ground for everything we're taking on holiday but it will have to wait til later this week to get tidy.

So, how was your weekend? And what are you looking forward to this week?

This week I'm looking forward to finding out what salary increase they're giving me. I have a feeling it's going to be bad... on the bright side, I'll then be happy to escape and go on HOLIDAY!


  1. This weekend I did some decorating outside and in, very simple and low-key but the children are quite pleased. This weekend was rough but I'll rebound. Hopefully I'll wrap all our gifts this week, finish making my tree skirt and start the girls' christmas dresses. December is always too busy for my liking, can't wait for spring and DH's kayaking birthday present!! Thanks again for that site!

  2. Great weekend! Yesterday ran lots of errands at the mall and had the kids pics done with Santa. Will post soon. Today, we went to church and the grocery store, then I cleaned and had friends over for home made pizza and wine! Will post menu plan soon. It's in my head right now, but will get on paper soon. Wow! I just realized how late it is, and I better get to bed. Good night!

  3. Good for you for getting it done (and right)!

    Love the idea of those little gift bags...adorable!

    Glad you had a good and productive weekend!


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