Wednesday, December 15, 2010

There's still time to send Christmas cards

I am the latest with my Christmas cards ever even though I started nearly a month ago on 18 November.

Currently, I'm in a very lovely coffee shop finishing up the last of them.

(Cat, if you're reading, do pop into Vovo Telo on Pickering Street in Newton Park)

I'm always on the look out for good things to do with photos.

I'm a very good deleter of photos - I probably take as much as the next person but I know I delete TONS.

My motto is the more I delete, the less I have to organised them :)

Obviously Christmas is an ideal time to use some of those photos for your Christmas cards.

I like sending ones with just one photo so that people can keep them on their fridge or in a frame (or at least this is what I tell myself).

But the ones where you can add lots of pics are a better option in terms of using up lots of your own pics, especially in the baby years where they change so quickly.

Recently I became hooked on photobooks.

My friend, Nat, showed me a beautiful one she had made, incorporating 3 different photo shoots - maternity, newborn baby and then, David just walking (or as I like to say, stumbling around like a drunk man :))

I've also seen a work colleague with a beautiful gift idea, wall calendars.

She took her husband's pics (he takes beautiful landscape photos) and did them in a calendar for their home and then she did ones of the kids for the grandparents, which were a huge hit, all year round.

If I were more organised and decisive about this year's photoshoot, I'd have done calendars for gifts.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Since I promised myself to not buy Christmas cards until the current stash is done, I'm going to use my 50 for blogging about this Shutterfly promotion to make thank-you cards. I send out TONS of thank-you cards every year and snap up any whenever I see them.

I'm going to use one of the professional pics (perhaps this one) and print blank cards that I will use as thank-you cards :)

What's your current favourite thing to do with photos?
And if you're a procrastinator, there's still time to get your Christmas (or New Year) cards out :)


  1. My favorite thing to do is put them on my blog! Of course!

    I make calendars of the kids for all their relatives each year. They're pricey, but it's the "gift that keeps on giving." God, I hate that phrase, but it's true. I get comments about the calendars all year long. I try to match the same month in the previous year so we can really see what they were up to. It's cute.

    I also found these lovely "family tree" from Hallmark where you could put photos in and it looks like a them for the Moms for Mother's Day...only took me 6 months to get the pictures in there!

  2. My favorite thing to do is blow them up to canvas size and hang them in my house.

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