Sunday, December 12, 2010

Travelling with twins

So yesterday was a crazy rush before leaving home. It's a wonder (well, actually my checklist helped) I remembered crucial things like my phone charger and camera cords.

But still no pics as I did budgets tonight so no time to blog properly.

Thank goodness I got V and Nester (yes, my cleaning lady's name really is Nester and yes, I do get a kick out of it!) in so the kids were done on time and the house is clean.

Although I've since remembered exactly WHY I'm a control freak with some things like packing - I wrote a list for V "5 short-sleeved vests, 2 pairs of jeans, etc." and the items where I wasn't specific like "pink Edgars sandals" are not the ones I would have chosen, so Kendra has one pair of jeans I'm happy with and the other is too short as those legs have grown.

Oh well.

See I only got to the shorts and t-shirt sets before my time ran out. Although those are super cute, all matched and in Ziplocs :)

Anyway, you want to know about the flights.

We got there in time, not too much, but enough in case there were roadworks on the highway.

The flight was delayed by nearly an hour. Thank God they kept us waiting outside the boarding gate in the terminal and not on the aeroplane because my kids would have gone stir crazy.

As it is, Connor made friends with all of the hundreds of people, crawling up and down the rows... Yes, he was filthy and very happy as kids should be.

Kendra stayed with me, only venturing a metre or two either way, but chatting to all and sundry.

Boys and girls are so different.

On the plane, K slept for 25 mins. C was awake the whole time. They both surpassed our expectations and were "good". Not angels, but good. In other words, no screaming, not too much wriggling.

We didn't even have to get out the toys and books - there was far too much already going on, like the boy next to me with his little electronic game. I am so uncool I don't even know what those things are called.

However, when we got to our destination it was FREEZING. Poor kids were dressed in Jhb weather and fortunately (!) their very resourceful mother threw in a tracksuit for each of them into my handbag.

I was so grateful for abit of spontaneity.

The minute we were in the terminal I dressed them warmly but they still had those cold little feet sticking out (I didn't think of socks).

Our rental car was sorted BUT when we (D) tried to attach the car seats, we (again D) found the seat belts weren't working properly in the back seat.

I then left D, moved the kids to my sister's car and we came to my mother's house to get started on the bedtime routine.

Which is how they only went to bed after 9. Over 3 hours later than normal.

We anticipated a later start because of the late bedtime but no, our kids are like the birds - 5:20 and they were up, chatting away, pumping those little fists and demanding milk.

So all in all, much better than we expected in terms of the babies' behaviour but much, much worse in terms of other travel hassles.

Of course, we were both knackered last night. D jumped straight into bed after a late supper (9pm) but I can't sleep with disorder so I sorted out the room where we're staying and got the babies things ready for the next day, as I usually do. I am not a morning person so milk bottles, water bottles and clothes are all prepared the night before.

It is now 11:00, my holiday deadline for the computer as I brought 4 books and I want to finish most of them, if not all.

How was your weekend?

P.S. The segment aired today - yes, hair was, in fact, terrible but am feeling okay as I seemed to make sense. Thanks to Dee and Caren for lovely, encouraging text messages :)


  1. Hey! Hope you have a fantastic holiday. (So jealous ... I still have 3 days left at work.)

  2. Glad to hear all went so well! Have a great holiday. I am in that packing mode now.

  3. Glad to hear traveling went well. Have a great holiday! This weekend wasn't as productive as I'd like, but it was lots of fun!

  4. So happy to hear the flight went well, but their poor little tootsies!!! I'll bet they didn't mind a bit!

  5. I'm so sad I missed seeing your tv debut. I had it in my calendar, and forgot to record it... blonde I know.
    Loved the pics from today's post of Connor peering through the pillars with the white and blue colours - lovely. I think you're getting really good at taking pics!


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