Monday, December 06, 2010

Triplets, blog designs, online shopping and a slightly unhealthy obsession with Billy Joel

My friend, Dee, who used to come to our infertility support group, had her 3 beautiful girls (I know they're beautiful because she is!) this morning.

I can't tell you how pleased I am that this story has ended well because she had been through hell on this infertility journey before this very successful pregnancy.

Congrats and all the best with this next stage :)

Dee is very clever and has employed an army of about 3 people besides her and Husband to help them with the babies and ensure she doesn't lose her mind. LOL


Is it just me or do you also get taken in by seeing all these beautiful blog designs?

I click, click, click and before you know it, I'm scrolling through a designer's portfolio and clicking through on a contact form?!

I must stop the madness but...

I am on a waitlist for January - I'm going to get this one redesigned as well as my professional one. Can't wait!

I just figure, life is too short to have a plain and boring blog and really, R250 - R350 is nothing in the grand scheme of things, now is it? (that's how I justify purchases!)


I'm starting to panic a little because the travel baby chair things I ordered for our holiday (vacation) has not arrived yet. Tomorrow it will have been 4 weeks........

I have TONS more online purchases arriving (okay, 3 more sets) and since this is number 1 in the queue, I'm not hopeful about the others...


There's just something about Billy Joel. I love the way he writes songs.

It's like you're exactly there with him.

I was listening to The Innocent Man this morning in the car and then on the CD I have, Piano Man is next.

I mean, seriously - I can see that old man, John the bartender, "waitress is practising politics" and "they're sharing a drink they call loneliness"

I love it!!!

I dare you - go google Piano Man lyrics and see for yourself.

What's delighting you today?


  1. I saw Dee had them! Such a great story! Me, I am so happy with Jeanette's familiy pics.

  2. I love Billy Joel- I saw him in concert and he was amazing!

  3. Just stumbled across your finding new SA bloggers...yay!

    Dont even get me started on blog designs...I am so with you on that one.

  4. I love some good Billy! You should really email Bayla just to check. Maybe she has a tracking number to give you some comfort? I think 4 weeks is ridiculous, but this is from the woman who lives 15 minutes away and still pays to ship things...

    I seriously can't justify purchasing a blog design. I know in a few months I'll be tired of it and want another, which would lead to another, and so on and so on. Just like wine, massages, pedicures, and all the other good things in life

  5. Thought I would answer on your blog :-)

    I'm in Benoni and you? Are you also in the East?
    And are you from PE?

  6. Triplets! Hope she and the babies are all doing well. (and glad to hear she has lots of support!)

    I LOVE Piano Man too. Billy Joel is amazing in concert!

  7. Congrats, Dee! And congrats on her getting help! It's very important to take care of yourself too and do everything you can not to get too overwhelmed.

    I love Billy Joel. I agree, he has some great lyrics and I have fond memories of those songs while growing up.

    Today, I was happy listening to the Pet Shop Boys. I love the words to their songs. The 80s as well as to their recent stuff (yes, they've been making lots of new albums since the 80s). Those songs are like poetry to me too, "I came across a cache of old photos
    and invitations to teenage parties
    'Dress in white' one said with quotations
    from someone's wife, a famous writer
    in the nineteen-twenties
    When you're young you find inspiration
    in anyone who's ever gone
    and opened up a closing door
    She said we were never feeling bored"

    I swear it's my life in lyrics!

  8. Heather, you're so funny! As I read, I was thinking "is there anything post-80s for Pet Shop Boys?" LOL

  9. I'm pretty sure it's a different day and that I'm NOT delighted by the fact that Hailey's little potty started singing the "Yay, You Peed" song at 6:15 this morning...scared me to death!

    Billy Joel is the MAN!

  10. I'm delighted to have time to stop by and say hi!

    Triplets! We have fraternal girl triplets in the family, and I'm constantly amazed that their parents managed to raise all three of them to be such wonderful human beings.


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