Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two sick kids... and one of them is walking

Yes, I have two sick kids.

Connor and I had a terrible cough (the kind where you feel like you're going to vomit) on Monday. We went to get some cough medicine.

We were both fine on Tuesday. I've been fine since.

Yesterday Kendra woke with the cutest little raspy voice... which got worse through the day.

Last night she was up every 15 - 20 minutes...

Today hers was a bit better but Connor's cough came back.

We've been dosing both of them with Nurofen and the cough syrup.

D and I have been working in the study (I roped him into entering holiday expenses into my spreadsheet while I wrapped presents) and have heard Connor cough HORRIBLY twice now. I'm hoping it's all the phlegm coming loose and that it's not getting worse.

Kids! You just think everything's perfect and then there's another something.

I really have no desire to spend Christmas Eve at the wonderful hospital down the road.

On Christmas Day, we're going to D's sister after the babies wake from their morning naps where we will spend the day (thankfully I don't have to cook - we're doing drinks and dessert). We will bath them late afternoon after their supper and then come home to sleep in their own beds.

BTW, yesterday (!) D's sister asked what the kids would like for Christmas and D told her, "they'd love to spend two afternoons with their aunty". She says, "you mean babysitting? no way!" LOL

Are you all looking forward to Christmas? Not so much? What are your plans? Do you cook? Do you go to family? Do you go away to avoid the family drama? Spill!

P.S. Connor can walk - I forgot to mention - I would say it happened properly around Sun/ Mon. He is the cutest little drunk man ever and looks ever so proud of himself :) Kendra is now walking 80% of the time and climbing the other 20%. I turn my back for a second and she's up on the couches climbing onto the window sills and ottomans! I keep reminding myself that the Toddlersense people said climbing is GOOD :)


  1. Oh no...hope the cough improves! So cute that C is walking now! Ems is too...isn't that 'drunk' stumble the cutest? Hayls stands up and grins and then plops on her bum and giggles!!! The steps will come!!! We are having my family over for Christmas lunch...cold meats and salads...we are doing the not going to be a hectic day standing in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove!

  2. Tommy here is sick. Went to the doctor today for an antibiotic. Double ear infections, poor boy. I had a feeling when he was whimpering in his crib last night until I gave him ibuprofen.

    Yeah on the walking! I keep getting distracted when I go to answer your question on when the boys started walking. Tommy was 16 months and Liam was 17 months. So a little late, but not bad. They are both walking now, although Tommy's been falling since he has the ear infection.

    For Xmas, we are going to my in-laws on Christmas Day in the afternoon and coming home that evening. Just got off the phone with my BFF Kelly and her and her family are coming over for brunch tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and we'll do some baking to have cookies for Santa. We'll go to Christmas Mass at 7PM on Christmas Eve, so we can do presents at home on Christmas morning. Sunday, we have a party at a friend's house, but it's supposed to snow, so we may not go. Supposed to snow too on Monday. I hope so, I'm looking forward to seeing the white stuff!

  3. I was just thinking that we SHOULD go away to avoid all the drama...and the impending blizzard...ugh!

    Yes, let him climb. Let him get black eyes. Let him find his boundaries...they're different for every kid.

    I love drunk walkers, but they drive me nuts with worry!

  4. YEA for walking (!!!), but I'm so sorry to hear you have sick babies on your hands! Praying everyone is better soon...

  5. So excited you have two little walkers! It is so much fun...and I love the increased independence.

    Mackenzie had an earache the Saturday before Christmas, but thankfully was feeling better in time to enjoy the holiday.

    We had some drama with J's extended family this year. His aunt has always hosted on Christmas day. It's a huge gathering that literally takes 5 or 6 it takes an hour and a half for us to get there. Basically, when she continued to refuse to change it to a day other than Christmas day, we said we would not be there. I want my family to enjoy Christmas at home, without being rushed from place to place.

    We had a late breakfast at my mom's, then his parents came over for an early dinner. It was absolutely perfect!

    Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well, and I hope everyone is feeling better!


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