Wednesday, January 05, 2011

700, me time, some bullets and a question

I see this is post number 700 on this blog.

How did that happen?!

I love the idea of me posting 700 times, 344 of them last year! Even though I started my organising blog way before this one, there's only a difference of 63 posts between them.

Apparently I also have a lot to say about organising!

Moving along.

So D and I decided to take off 3 days once V was back, for some date time.

Doesn't that sound decadent?

He is still not well though... went to work on Mon after being sick the whole of last week, let them see him sick so he went to the doc, got booked off again and has told me he doesn't want to "run around town" with me and get sicker.

Fair enough.

I briefly contemplated cancelling my leave but I've decided to do some "me time" things, just like Cat did the other day.

I forgot to mention that last Thursday after supper I went to see Life as we know it all by myself and it was fabulous. Fabulous. I keep raving about this to anyone who will listen. TONS better than Eat Pray Love... Go see it!

Anyway, so tomorrow after I take down Christmas and quickly pack it away (15 mins max), I'll be doing a bit of window shopping and real shopping (tripod, some inspirational wooden things) and then going to have some quiet time with my laptop at a coffee shop. Heavenly!

I intend to write 3 organising posts and a couple for this blog too - I really need to finish the reverb things and Caren wants a post about Christmas :)

I would have gone to the hairdresser too but my one is on holiday and is only back on Tuesday.

And then, the bullets
  • I've decided to take one last bash with the gift card so I made one phone call today. That's it though. I am not following up on it or on my other 20 emails to the pest control place. I am letting go... Only thing is... I feel I have to warn all those who live in Jhb, don't ever use Pest Control Experts - they are crooks - and go read hellopeter for the full story.
  • My boss gave us (well, technically only me since I've been the only one back since Christmas) two photo frames as gifts - one is for the work side and one is for the personal side of your life. I've put one of the beach photoshoot pics in the one frame and since I couldn't decide what would represent work adequately, I've started making a vision board.
  • While I was cutting from the magazines (very therapeutic, by the way), I decided to make the word COURAGE to stick on my very boring but useful, black Moleskine planner.
without flash...

with flash (why is flash so evil? I love it!)

And finally, the question:

Do any of you in the US know about the 3M command hooks that you can use to hang photos on the wall? They are marvellous (or so I've been told by my organising blog buddies). I've even written to 3M to ask them who in South Africa stocks them - nobody. So I've decided to ask for help.

Is anyone willing to buy me some packs and post them to me? I will pay for everything via Paypal - command hooks, postage, etc. And I will be eternally grateful!

What do you do for me time? How often do you take some?

P.S. Claudia, please email me - I want to talk "book" with you and have some publishing links to send you too. Thanks :)


  1. Hi, I found your blog for the first time the other day, it's been great to share your story. I've been inspire to start my own in the hope that it will help me process and hopefully help someone else too who may stumble across it! Blessings x

  2. Hi Marcia, we get those 3M hooks here in New Zealand and they work pretty good. I've hung some of my paintings on newly painted walls, no falling off so far! I'd be happy to post some to you if you like. Email me at :)

  3. I'll gladly send you hooks! I have some sitting down in the drawer actually, not the picture kind though! Just send me a link to the ones you want, I think I have a coupon for them downstairs. I'm going out this weekend and can pick them up and get them out to you Monday!

    Is there anyway to send them and avoid you having to pay taxes on them?

  4. I love what you did with the moleskine - still using the one I do?

  5. I love cutting things out of magazines (even if it does make me feel like a kidnapper writing a ransom note)!

    Me time? Hair cuts, gym, shopping, oh, and I'm going to start getting facials this year on a regular basis. Nothing fancy, just 30 minutes to renew a bit!

  6. I would be glad to send you some hooks, if you still need someone! Also, have you ever heard of Hercules Hooks? I am too lazy to look up a link right now, but they go into the sheetrock and will hold large pictures without having to deal with anchors or finding a stud in the wall. They go in without a hammer, too. I love them!

  7. So I have been thinking so much about my word of the year! We just found out Nick's job may be ending in six months (HUGE stress) and we are wanting/hoping to do an FET, plus with my sister and her cancer, sweet Henry and everything else we have going on, finding one word seems impossible. Still, I think I am going with:


    I need it to be my focus with all this stress. It will work out. It will all be okay. I need to be at peace with that.

  8. Hi

    You can buy them on and they will ship to SA.

    I have bought stuff from them before and they are fantastic! Gets here fast and does not work out that much more than buying stuff locally. A lot of times it is actually quite a bit cheaper.

    Good luck.


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