Saturday, January 01, 2011

A brand new slate

nearly got run over by the car in the middle all in the name of getting a good photo!

Oh, how I love the new year.

Not so much the whole new year's celebration (it is DEAD boring in Jhb - someone please remind me next year to either (1) book a cruise or (2) host a NYE low-key party with friends) but the thought of having a clean slate to start again.

Of course, technically you can do that at anytime, and I often do, but there's nothing quite like a lovely new diary with fresh-smelling new paper, a new calendar to hang on the wall, all squeaky clean and glossy, and of course, a whole list of brand new goals.

I love it!

I was supposed to have lunch with my friend with the twins yesterday at 12 but she bailed and I was happy for that to happen as D and I had an afternoon date with a bookshop.

We are nerds and very proud of it.

So I took her home instead, collected D and off we went for lunch and a bookshop jaunt.

While we were at lunch we talked about our goals for this year.

Do you know what?

Without knowing mine, he said the same thing I said a few days ago - he wants to work on his relationship with me.

I love when we're in sync.

We decided to have two dates a month and already have our dates planned for Jan and Feb, and have already talked to the MIL to come babysit once a month. V will babysit for the second date every month.

D is reluctant to leave the babies so we can travel internationally (even for 5 days) but I'm working on that. He did suggest a 2-day thing locally first to ease into it. I'm all for travel so of course I said yes. (I've walked past a Flight Centre twice in the last two days and had to tear myself away from the Phuket "special" currently on - it's almost a crime not to go!)

At the bookshop I even picked up a book on how to spice things up romantically. Apparently 87% of moms admit they don't have s*x as often as they did before having kids. I'm in good company!

Anyway, back to goals.

I read LauraC's 2010 summary post this morning and I was SO inspired. I love seeing people LIVE BIG and go after their goals, "balls to the wall", as my friend Dee would say.

Laura, you'll be happy to know I categorised my list, I'm ready to make things happen and I'm declaring right now on the 1st Jan that this will be the Best Year Ever!

I don't do resolutions (I have written a whole article on this!) but I do goals.

How about you? Do you do goals? Do you do resolutions?

Share your link in the comments if you blogged about it otherwise go ahead and share in the comments.

Also, if you need help, tell me. Rebecca, I have not forgotten and will write a post on the one goal of yours hopefully this week :)

P.S. Hayley, what did you do for NYE? You always seem to have fun ideas. BTW, we need to make our coffee date :)

P.P.S. Today was a perfect day, weather-wise. GORGEOUS, grey skies. I actually jumped out of the car and made D wait while I took a couple of pics.


  1. I think it's being in sync with your spouse, on little things, that make the real magic of marriage. :)

  2. I agree with really is the little things!

    I laughed out loud at your comment abut Joburg being boring over NY' wont believe how we battled to find a party or event that was not in a club...Jozi seriously needs to get organised when it comes to New Years.

    Pics from our NY's are up on my blog :-)

  3. I made them...they're simple. I think I can do them!

  4. Hey Marcia! I agree about the new year - it's a good feeling.

    One book I *nearly* added to mty 2010 list (but decided not to, for fear of TMI) was: 'is that all he thinks about' - can't remember who it's by, but amazon would tell you! It's really good. And D would probably be glad you read it. And that's all Im' saying *grin*


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