Wednesday, January 05, 2011


On a recent photo post, Laura and I were chatting behind the scenes via email.

She said she prints about 2 canvases of the 8000 pics she takes a year.

Do you know how much I love that ratio?!

Anyway, I asked her, “ how do you know?”

She said, “you will just know!”

And I think I got it.

I’ve decided I love the moody pics of us the best, not the smiley-smiley ones. And every time I look at this one, I think LOVE! So I decided on this one.

I was not wild about this one of the babies at first and then a chance conversation with my brother changed my perspective about all things photo when he said, “sometimes pics are not wow at first, and then when you start cropping they just get better” and that’s what happened here.

This is the original one...

I cropped D’s hands out and this is the one we’re having printed.


I chose this second one because it’s so representative of the stage I love – the crawling. They’re babies yet independent and, best of all, mobile!

There are TONS of good, even great pics, but I’m getting to the point where I know which are “canvas-worthy”.

How do you choose which photos you’ll spend a lot of money printing?


  1. Lovely choices! You've seen my canvas print of the girls...I knew without a doubt when I saw the pic that it was the 'one'!!! Enjoy them!

  2. Love the pics! I do mostly the same thing. I look at what pics say something to me and go from there.

  3. BTW, how do you get the pics of you and your DH? Do you ask someone to take the pic with your camera or do you have a tripod?

  4. I love love love those pictures! The ones of you guys and the columns? To die for!

    I don't choose expensive prints b/c we don't have anything up in our house b/c we suck!!! I want to though! You may have been my inspiration!

  5. Send me both those photos over email, I have some ideas for them :)

  6. Also when you email me, tell me what size you plan to get as a canvas. For perspective, this is a 24x36 canvas:

  7. Love them both!! Those will look great on the wall.

    I am terrible about having pictures printed at all...going to do better about that this year.

  8. I am so going to print the family pic Jenty did of us.

  9. Beautiful pics.
    M, I REALLY battle to choose pics for printing ,that is why I leave so much time til I print. With the book I had done and even my wedding album, I was delighted to leave the decision-making up to the photographer as I think they have a better sense for what is good.


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