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Christmas 2010, in bullets

First of all, my children (!!!) are 18 months old today. They are walking, talking big kids - I can't believe it.

Look at them at 8 months. First visit to Gillooly's Farm - not very impressed - we're going to take them again later today. Hopefully this time they'll be excited by all the ducks.

So, Christmas, two weeks later.
  • D and the kids were up early as is their custom while I slept late.
  • They then came to wake me, all dressed, saying "mommy mommy" - too sweet.
  • I really don't like lots of gifts as it all just becomes a blur of paper and craziness so we got them 3 small things each and called it a day.
  • They also got things from my family on the Sunday before - a joint gift and one each (wooden toys which I love - I think I've found my weakness with toys).
  • Also, clothes from my MIL (three weeks early because they were "holiday clothes" that couldn't fit them, but let's move along...) and presents from other people.
  • We started with Caren's presents to them which was a big mistake as they were FULLY occupied for 20 minutes (and would have been longer if I didn't say that we needed to get moving), then ours, then another friend's.
  • Normal breakfast and nap and then we dressed them like twins (matching, for the fun of it, in denim shorts and white t-shirts) and set off for Pretoria.
  • I say this everytime but "how in the Sam Hill (my new thing I picked up somewhere in blogland. I say that with a bad Southern accent!) do people survive in that heat?!" My sister in law says "AIRCONS!" I would die.
  • Connor is not interested in doing anything but walking around and my MIL got a bit iffy since he wouldn't come give her a hug and kiss. *sigh*
  • Kendra on the other hand loves the loving and was quite content to sit with Granny and be loved on. Granny then wanted to feed K and was not amused when K started doing her new thing which is freaking out if you offer her any food she finds offensive. She swipes her hands in front of her (violently, I might add) and screams a bit. It was fun to watch someone else experience the craziness. I'm bad, I know.
  • Connor sat next to me and ate mostly everything, roast potatoes, mealies and pumpkin being his favourites.
  • Yes, they were in their little seats.
  • My SIL's in laws are chain smokers (you have never seen anything like it) so one side of the table was the smoking side for her, hubby and his parents, and the other side was the non-smoking side for us and D's mom.
  • Connor started coughing and I had to tactfully pull him away from the smoking side where he was walking around. Not fun because they don't realise that the smoke is bad for babies.
  • Gifts! SIL never opens gifts in front of people but the rest of us opened ours. Loved them except for the babies' gift. They got a very noisy piano-type thing which they played with there... and then when we got home, it was conveniently misplaced :) No way in the Sam Hill (see, it's fun!) am I having all that noise in my sanctuary.
  • Other than that, it was a lovely, lovely day but I'm very glad we decided to come home and sleep in our own beds.
My thoughts on Father Christmas/ Santa
I grew up with the notion of FC but I always knew he was a fictional character.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with it/ him but for me, I first of all think he's a bit freaky (which child wouldn't be scared of a gigantic man with a big, white beard?!) and second of all, I want the kids to look to God, their father, for any gifts, not some man in a red suit. Or even us for that matter.

God is the only person who will not disappoint them and quite honestly, I have to trust Him to give me things too (tangible and intangibles); the sooner they learn that's the way it is, the better for them.

I know I sound like scrooge. Leave me be :)

Now for the pics...

Kendra opening Caren's gift. Notice the sandals. She loves these things (gift from MIL) with their oversized flowers and insists on napping in them. Well, I said to her, "I don't care as long as you sleep" and she slept 1 hr 30 so I now call them the magic shoes.

Connor finally got to the present. They LOVE these balls so much. Look at the cute baby hands.

Kendra sees the puppies we bought them. She loves that thing.

Connor loves the puppy too. BTW, these are the only dogs that will be allowed in my house until these kids are about 8 and can take care of animals by themselves.

On our way to Pretoria. Doesn't she look sweet? And first car ride facing forward! Of course, D's idea. I'm happy to keep her rear-facing because she's so tiny.

I really think I need to get this only one gift for each adult going for next year, where everyone's names are thrown in a hat and each person draws a name to buy for. It just takes off the pressure of having to find the perfect gift.

What do you do in your family?


  1. Great Christmas report. I really really hate people smoking around kids, or even indoors in the same house as my kids. I feel I have the RIGHT to a smoke free space for my kids. In fact, I demand it. Outdoors, I can relax a bit about it.

  2. I just can not believe how your babies have grown!!! Very exceptionally cute!!! We don't do Father Christmas either... All good gifts come from God and our kids know it!!! We do have stockings with a couple of goodies - mostly from the stationary store: a ball of string, a roll of tape, some markers and a book - a brilliant lovely book. We keep the day to ourselves and peaceful and do the grannies on each side of it. They do get presents from both grannies - the one has completely stopped gifting and tells me to shop on her behalf but no toys... fine... beach towels and did she moan about wrapping eight beach towels!!! The other one spends the entire year buying stuff for my kids, just junk and endless clothes that don't fit but they were on special!!! I really wish that every time she had the urge to splurge she would put the money in a jar and at the end of the year get them something great!!! They have other gifts as well from our best friends and their friends and they seem to adopt grannies wherever they go that feel sorry for them - shame they have eight brothers and sisters - I want to say - it isn't a shame ... it is a privilege, but that's a whole nother story!!! So despite our very scroogey approach our kids are burdened with gifts and LOTS get regifted immediately!!!

  3. I can't believe you still manage to keep them rear-facing? I know it's safer but my 2 both hated it and Zoe actually started getting car sick so they both changed at about 9 months. We definitely do Father Christmas. You'll see that once your kids get older birthdays are massively significant events to them. Zoe talks about what cake she wants the entire year and about who we must invite to her party,etc. Even anyone else's birthday in the family (or her friends) is super exciting for her. Zoe knows that Christmas is Jesus's birthday and because He loves us all so much He wants all the children to get presents on His birthday and we all have a very special birthday party for Jesus. Father Christmas helps Jesus with getting all the presents to all the children because He lives in Heaven and because He keeps an eye on us all the time, He can then tell Father Christmas what present to get us and whether we've been good little girls (oh, yes I milk that one as well). It is just incredible to see how excited they get about it all, so special and they'll find out the truth eventually but it's nice while it lasts.

  4. Firstly, happy 18mnths to C & K, how was Giloolys this time around?

    Glad they liked their very inexpensive balls. Just shows that you don't have to spend lots of money to please little ones.

    Since our twins were born, we don't buy gifts for the adults anymore, just for the kids. Just A & I buy for each other & my folks buy for each other. Suits me just fine!

    Just love Kendra in those OTT shoes, so not you, but obviously, SO Kendra. Glad they turned out to be magic shoes too!

  5. First...I love K's little flower shoes! They are stinkin' adorable (there's another Southern phrase for you!).

    My best friend's little boy waves his hands and shakes his head violently when he doesn't want food also. It's hilarious, because I'm not the one dealing with his eating issues. : )

    With presents in my family, we buy more for the little ones (which right now, only includes my two) than for adults. I do sort of wish we would start drawing names for adults, so you can focus on great gifts for one person, instead of being overwhelmed by buying for all.

    We did the 'Santa' thing for the girls, but don't plan to ever make a big deal of the whole "he brings presents if you're good" thing. And we saw him in the store, but I did not try to make them sit in his lap. I agree: scary!

  6. Sam're cracking me up! You didn't get it from me! That's for sure!!!

    They are getting so big! I love the baby hands! I love wooden toys (we got several this year). I've read of people doing "battery free" Christmases...I'm sort of in love with that too!

  7. Where in Sam Hill would you get a phrase like that?

    Smoking ... I'm horribly allergic ... and ^annan has asthma, so I'm rather picky about that, smoke can drift and fill a room, just sitting across the table, and I'll be coughing within seconds.

    If you still ^isit my blog, you can see that my kids are well gifted. Of all of my relati^es, only Dh's brother and SIL really try to get the kids what they want and need, and the other one ... well, they are nice gifts, just almost always feel like afterthoughts or "this will do". On that side of the family, there are only 6 grandkids (and I ha^e 4 of them!) - but next Christmas there will be a 7th. On the other side, there are 26 grandkids - my Dad tries to get the kids something nice each, and since Mom has tons of stuff in storage, we try to help him go through stuff and find suitable things for the kids. Adults ... as the mood hits. Sometimes we can't really afford anything. I try to make most of ours - but my budget is so tiny.

    We don't "do Santa". But my kids kind of make a game out of it. They all know the real reason for Christmas. And we try to make the focus the gi^ing and the lo^ing and family ... not self centeredness.

    I usually let them go "wild" with their Amazon wish list for a week, then make them go through and get the list down to no more than 4 pages. A lot of times they ha^e clothes or books on their list, which can make it rather longer. It's really kind of funny to watch them take things off that I thought they would really want.

    LaRue is still rear facing, and will stay that way until I can longer get her into the car seat or until she is pushing the 35 lb limit. And she lo^es her new Britix Marathon, it sits higher than her old one, and she enjoys watching Joel o^er the back seat.

    On the other hand, Dh's brother and SIL, son is only 6 months older than LaRue. At a year old, he was 32 inches tall and 30 lbs. (Compare this to the littlest 1 year old of that cousin group - ^annan at a year old was 26 or 27 inches tall, and 17lbs.)

    LaRue now REFUSES to eat unless she is allowed to feed herself, and it better NOT be baby food. She will sho^e the spoon away and arch her back and e^en feed it to our dog. Don't you dare call her a baby. LOL


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