Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Connecting with Caren & social goals

Remember the photo shoot with Jeanette?

Well, my friend Caren loved it like I did, especially the location, so we agreed that we would walk around my work, take pics and then have lunch and chat.

That happened two Tuesdays ago and was fabulous.

I love seeing things through other people's eyes and honestly loved how much she also appreciated our gorgeous surroundings. I took my camera with me and even though I took much the same shots, it was interesting to see how it turned out afterwards.

I love these arches so much! SO MUCH!

And from the other end looking back up...

pic of Caren who told me she didn't want pics so I kind-of didn't take pics, right?

climbing up on walls to get the perfect pic

and that's me, taking pics in the lift (elevator)'s reflection

Caren sent me her pics and these are my favourites

love this angle - that's The Westcliff

LOVE this one of the lovely arches - I think because you can see the doors. Somehow I never include the doors (see above)

again, have never taken a pic like this and yet I walk past there a couple of times a week.

this was the pic taken of the Westcliff when Caren stood on that wall - worth jumping up there for the great view.

Caren, thanks for coming to have lunch with me. I loved our time together - let's do it again soon.

My goal this year regarding socials is much the same as last year - to meet up once with my friends and once with our friends (couple friends) every month for proper connecting time, not just quick social chit-chat.

Although...I'm not just making plans for the sake of crossing things off a list; these are people I really want to connect with.

I have to make social goals otherwise months pass without us seeing anyone and then there's a flurry of invites which stress me out.

This month, I plan to have lunch with Natalie on Thursday and then we're going to friends for lunch on 22nd (postponed from 8th due to all the sick men in our lives!).

Do you have social goals?


  1. Love it! It looks absolutely beautiful! The green is gorgeous and is nice to see, since everything is brown on my side of the world!

  2. Photo's are gorgeous. I must be honest and mention that I haven't even thought of social goals/plans with anyone except my husband. Something to me to think about.

  3. Love the pictures! So those are taken around your workplace? I don't know that I would get much work done with views like those. We are still covered in snow today!

    My only social goals revolve around date nights with Jeremy (once a month would be nice, but rarely happens that way) and girls' night out with my two college roommates (would love to make that one happen once a month also). We see our best friends for lunch nearly every Sunday, so that one is built in. : )

  4. Thanks for this post, it's lovely! (except for the pics of me) I also enjoyed myself, and it was something different. I would also like to meet up with a girl friend at least onece a month, no kids, husbands etc. Going to try and do that!

  5. Caren, LOL. If you really hate the pics, I'll delete them. Let me know?

    I think they look lovely though!

  6. Would you belie^e that I am so much an intro^ert that I really ha^e no social goals?

    My best friend and I get together twice a week to work on homeschooling together (she needs it more than I do - but in exchange, she tidies up my house - WIN WIN!)

    Our family goes to church e^ery Sunday, though I tend to stay home with LaRue in the e^enings and Wednesday's.

    I FB and blog.

    And that is my boring social life.

    And I'm ok with that.


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