Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cute and sassy 18-month-olds

After their baths but before bottles and bed, the babies stand at their cots facing one another and jibber jabber (with some real words thrown in).

Connor then pulls Kendra's dummy from her mouth and gives her his one. At least he's sharing.

When I come in and see this going on, I like to right the wrongs so I go, "Connor, give Kendra's dummy to her" and he holds it out and then as she's reaching for it, he jerks his hand back and runs to the furthest end of his cot, giggling like crazy.

Naughty but it's funny so I laugh. And I laugh very easily (especially at naughtiness) so I can't even stop myself.


Then Connor seems to have this minimalist bend going on.

They both have a duvet, a receiving blanket and a fleece baby blanket at the bottom of their cots, a pillow to sleep on and two decorative pillows. Aside from all of that, there is a puppy with pink/ blue paws and nose, a pink/ blue teddy bear and a brown teddy bear each. Plus those lovey things which they don't care one bit about.

The beige and brown teddies are called Thursday and Friday.

They got them from very close friends of ours for their baby dedication. The day after the baby dedication, I said to Kendra, "what's this teddy's name?" and she said something that (to me) sounded like Thursday. And Thursday has had that name ever since. Of course then I named Connor's one Friday.

Thursday and Friday are proving very useful in getting them to lie down and sleep instead of jumping around their cots.

I just say things like, "Connor, Friday told me he's waiting for a big hug from you." And so on.

Or "give Thursday a hug, Kendra. Good girl! Now let's put Thursday next to you so you can both go to sleep".

And miraculously, it works!

Anyway, back to Connor. In the mornings when we come into their bedroom, he's thrown EVERYTHING either onto the floor or into Kendra's cot. He likes nothing in his cot but the fitted sheet and his dummy. It's crazy!

Poor Kendra can hardly be seen with all those animals and pillows in her bed!


Yesterday I came home from work and V was bathing Connor.

We don't do both babies at the same time - they're too squirmy and my rule is "rather take double the time than have a dead baby!"

So V contains Kendra in her cot and gives her books to read with the music on.

It's actually very sweet.

I went into the bedroom to say "hi" and immediately she starts telling me to put her shoes back on (because she loves taking them off - it's the sound of the velcro, I think) and to pass her cap to her.

I said, "Kendra, you can at least say, "hello Mummy"" and without missing a beat, she says, "hello Mummy" - oh my word - TOO SWEET!


One more...

Today V was changing Kendra and I took out a new book to distract him. Otherwise he also wants lotion.

I saw that there were two TINY bees on one of the pages so I said, "Connor, can you see the bees? Where are the bees?"

He goes, "there. there" but I want him to point (mean mom) so I said, "show me with your finger" and he gets all exasperated, "THERE! THERE!" jabbing at the bees with his finger.

V and I both burst out laughing!

18 months old and full of sass :) I love it.

Pics from our beach photoshoot in PE with Ian Fairley (except for the bears - pic by me!)

P.S. On Friday when I wrote that I had to tell you about all Connor's naughtiness, there were 3 incidents and I can now only remember the first one. I really need to start keeping a notebook nearby.

P.P.S. As I type this, it is raining outside my window. Heaven!


  1. Oh send us some rain - even one drip!!! Bleh it is so hot down here!!! My little guy is also pretty minimalist right now: He has mastered the word gone... in a crystal clear voice, but to demonstrate this genius he has to toss everything over his shoulder and out of sight first. I laugh out loud every time!!! Your photo shoot photos turned out really great!!!

  2. I will admit that I am jealous of all the verbalization going on in your house! I also laugh at the children far too much when I should be correcting/disciplining. I really need to post on my hellians. Something about 18 months but I guess it's just me because your two still seem sweet as ever!

  3. They are both so cute!! I love babies at 18 months - it's such a fun age. Cute and sassy, but not *too* sassy. ;-)

  4. SASS is right! I love those stories!!!

  5. Awww...hi Mummy! love it!

    The naughtiness is awesome...it's so funny!

  6. They are sooooo cute!!! Love the stories!

  7. BTW, both our boys love to say "Hello". It's so cute. I love when they walk in the room and look at you and wave and say "Hello".

  8. Isn't this a great age. I just love the silly little things LaRue does ... she pulls up her shirt and says, "Tickle tickle". She head bob and turn dances to music. She tells Tim to put his shoes away, and hang up his coat. She tells Joel how to do his schoolwork. It is a riot. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stories!!!


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