Monday, January 24, 2011

Expectations & weigh less

I specifically wrote that post last night because I've been thinking a lot about expectations.

How days like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas can be less than because of our expectations.

Or rather, my expectations.

I build the occasion up in my mind so that when the actual day happens it is nowhere near what I wanted it to be and I'm disappointed.

Well, I'm tired of living with disappointment so I'd prefer to expect almost nothing, just lots of ordinary moments.

I've also been known to expect people to treat me the way I treat them, which of course, doesn't happen.

I've been thinking how I actually have FABULOUS days all the time and I need to celebrate them more.

I do think one of my good qualities is that I can see the bright side in almost any situation and I do that, but I need to do it with the special occasions too.

My friend, Nat, had a birthday earlier this month and when I phoned her (just for you, Mandy P) to wish her a happy birthday, she said she's been LOVING her birthday.

People phoning the whole day, interrupting her lunch with her hubby, etc. Having a ball.

I remember thinking, "now that's how it should be" and so I think this year I will celebrate if just one person remembers me.

Then, in other news, today was session 2 with the personal trainer.

And... it went much better. That could either mean I'm getting used to working so hard or it wasn't as sore because we worked on different areas of the body.

Either way, it's all good.

He also weighed me and his scale is a horribly lying one. Then again, it was 3:45 and I'd already eaten quite a bit today.

However, no excuses.

I've decided that I'm not working so hard at the gym only to mess things up here at home by being all loosey goosey with my food.

Don't you love that word?!

So at supper time, I hauled out my Weigh-Less file to check portion sizes (always my issue) and weighed exactly 140 g of pasta to have with my healthy bolognaise sauce (with lentils).

And I'll be planning my meals properly from now onwards, like I used to when I very successfully lost 5 kg on WL.

My spreadsheet is ready and waiting :)

The "funny" thing is last time my start weight was 59 and I ended on 54. This time I'll be happy with 59 and very happy with 56 - 57.

How perspective changes things!

How was your Monday?

P.S. I'm on a course at work for two days and I haven't done the pre-work but on the bright side, my inbox is empty and I'm good at making things up on the spur of the moment. Should be fun.


  1. I'm with you on losing expectations!

    My Monday was very vanilla. DH came home early at lunch and again stopped my groove. Half my to-do list isn't done but I'm happy to have some pudding before bed-I'm so bad!

  2. I love it when you use your South African dialect just for me! :-)

    I'd say more words just for you if I knew what the "weird" ones were...

    I think you're right about the perspective and expectations. I learned a few years ago about the idea of how we all write scripts about our plans for the days. I want to get up at this time and do these activities with these people. And when someone steps on my script when my alarm doesn't go off or my activities get rained out or the people cancel on me, I get disappointed and upset. Thinking of it in those terms allowed me to understand why I get upset and snap just because things didn't go my way, even if they are minute details.

  3. I have always had such great success on weigh-less! Good luck.

    I am really this year trying to live light, to see the joys in life.

  4. What is "pre-work?" It doesn't sound fun at all!

    As I've gotten older, my expectations for others have fallen...a lot. They've had to. People get wrapped up in their own lives and only really think about you if you don't let them forget about you. Be a pain in their ass...mention your birthday as much as possible...threaten to kill them if they forget. Then you'll get what you want, but you'll be exhausted!'s a no win situation.

    I live by the saying, "people treat you the way you allow them to." It's all up to me that way...lowered expectations of others. Sad, isn't it?

  5. I call my girls "loosey-gooseys" all the time! : ) I also love the reference to the horrible, lying scale. Hate those things!

    I have learned to really adjust my expectations as far as trips/excursions with the girls go. Like I said in my comment on your previous post, if we make it through a meal peacefully and we all get to eat, it's a success! It's the small things. ; )

  6. I think the last time I weighed 59 I was still in primary school! :-P


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