Saturday, January 29, 2011

Generosity and abundance - slightly woo-woo

We have a team meeting every two weeks over lunch so Wonderful Boss buys us lunch.

I was in his office when our PA came in to tell him how much it was going to be and to get the money.

He gave her the money and another R40 for a tip.

That is double what he should have tipped so she told him, "no, R10 is enough".

He then compromised and said, "okay, R20".

I then piped up and said, "you don't have to solve SA's economy single-handedly".

He laughed and said that he feels like he should reward people doing an honest day's work.

And... they rely on tips so what's the harm?

"True," I said, but it was too late as the PA had long since left.

I was telling D this story and he said, "WB should continue doing what is in his heart because his generosity is creating the abundance in his life"


I thought about it and it is true.

What do you think?

Besides being extremely intelligent (he hired me, after all :)) and a wonderful boss, his open hand creates lots of flow of finances in his life.

I am only now slightly above average (let's say a 6 - 6.5) on the generosity scale but there is still a ton I could learn from him in this area.

Where do you fall on the generosity scale?

P.S. Full disclosure - for many years I would say I was a 2

P.P.S. I don't believe this has anything to do with how much money you have. I've met "poor" people who are very generous with their time, homes, selves and very wealthy people who are very, very mingy :)


  1. Great post!

    I am so with your boss...try to be as generous as we can, especially when it is well deserved.

    I know this is going moving into the religious space, but I know so many people who tithe (is that the correct word/spelling), they give away SO much of the income to the Church, and it always seems to come back to them in so many ways. I guess its the same principle really. You get what you give :-)

  2. Hayley, I thought of that just after I posted but was too lazy to come back and edit :) I will put this in the comments though.

    I'm a tither and we have always had enough and plenty left over, even seemingly doing "better" than many of our friends who we know full well earn at least twice what we do :)

  3. I read a saying/quote somewhere that went something along the lines of true generosity is giving more than you can afford to give...I quite like that saying. (and like you said - it's not always money)

    And I believe that we should all help out as far as possible - one day when you need it you might be on the receiving end of such a gift and then things really come into perspective. (Been there, done that) ;-)

  4. I fully believe you get what you give, and I try to be as generous as possible but parting with my money is tough! I will listen to people (which I think is invaluable), give you my time, I will bend over backwards, I will feed you till you burst but I have a hard time handing out money! I really look at money differently, money is something you work for, the rewards of your efforts. I tip accordingly, often generously when the situation arrises. I do small donations here and there to charities and shelters but I will turn my head to those asking for a hand out.

    Overall I'd say I'm a 7, but financially a 3 is being generous.

    Disclaimer-I can hemorrhage money to those in need with situations beyond their control (i.e. my in-laws) but it's usually because those people are equally as giving in other ways!

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  6. I've gotten much better about this. I'd always been a good tipper as I waited tables for a long's hard work and they don't get a paycheck (in the U.S.), just tips. I do believe that there is no excuse for bad service though...none at all.

    This year we've sponsored a child, given away gift cards, donated tons of stuff to local charities, gone nuts with Toys-for-Tots, and other things. I love it...every single minute!

  7. I WANT to be giving than I am - and we try to tithe, but this year has been hard - some months only enough comes in to pay for the electricity and a few groceries - somehow it always is enough.

    Often, I find people just don't want what I have available to give, which makes me sad. The clothes to hand down are "wrong color/style", the food I fix is "too boring, not good enough", and my time is only asked for when it isn't available (bedtimes and school time) - but I try to give where and when I can.

    I teach Jr. church, I keep up with who has library books due for my sis and best friend, I tutor, babysit..... whatever I can manage to do.

    On the other hand, I'm on the receiving end far more than I would like - and I try to be thankful and gracious about all I receive. (Remembering how I feel when something I offer is scorned.)

    Ever heard of R. G. LeTourneau? He was an engineer - Tim and I graduated from one of his colleges. He had a motto, "I shovel out, and the Lord shovel's in ... God's got the bigger shovel!"

    See if you can get one of his biography's - I think you would like his story.


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