Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting back in the swing of things

The whole of Jhb is certainly back at work now, judging from the traffic and the MILLIONS of emails from people wanting to discuss their business ideas.

Both yesterday and today I worked until just before 5.

Those who were reading in 2009 when I went back after my maternity leave will remember I had a deal with Wonderful Boss that I'd only work 6 hours a day (in the office) and then finish up at home later.

That worked so, so well but it's been getting later and later.

First, 2:30, then 3:00 for quite some time, then 3:30 since about September last year.

And now it's 4-ish up to 5.

Simply because I can't come home and work here while the kids are awake.

It is impossible.

They bang on the door and shout, "Mum-mum-mum" (C) and "Mummy" or "Mommy" (K, depending on her mood).

So, impossible to work.

And since they pay me to have my head in the game, I just prefer to work at work til done and then come home to clean, sweet-smelling, bathed babies.
We got about 8 - 10 white cotton babygrows for Connor from my friend Michelle in size 18 - 24 months and I love them - I have my baby back when he's in there. He can be a little guy walking around during the day but come 5:30 he's a baby again :)

So then I went out and bought about 6 pink babygrows for Kendra (months ago when she was peeing through everything).

Love the baby-ness.
Anyway, the point of all this is I've gotten lax since getting back after my leave (28 December onwards) because I realise I am faffing more at work and at home and I need to get my act together.

This is the good thing about coaching time management - I can get back on course quickly and I feel like I have to lead by example so I do, mostly.

I finally booked my sessions with the personal trainer (it still kills me to pay someone to torture me! but if he gets these 5 kg off, I will KISS him!) and paid him for the rest of January. I am cheap and hate wasting money so this will ensure I drag my butt to the gym.

Because of this, I will have to be super efficient again as I will be leaving work at 3:15 twice a week to "enjoy" the personal training.

I've also been very lazy in the evenings - for about 4 evenings over the last week, I've been at the computer til 11 - 11:30, and that has got to stop.

I need to be off the computer at 10 and put "read blogs" as the last thing on my computer to-do list instead of the first. *ahem*

How's your productivity been at work, (if you work outside the home - look at me being all PC) and at home on the computer?

P.S. Of my 10 goals for January, 4 are done!


  1. I have been battling so badly at work...and its my third week back (so no excuses)....just really battling.

  2. DH has been home for the last two days, on top of him being home all weekend, because of snow so I have accomplish absolutely nothing! I just can't do things when he is around.

  3. My productivity at work and home is bad. I also spend too much time at my computer, downloading photos (far too many!), looking at the photos, Facebook, etc. This is at home. At work, time just flies and I feel like I don't get much done in a morning!
    Good luck with the personal trainer, hope he whips you into the shape you want to be in!

  4. I have super efficient days and really inefficient days. Have to get that up (that's work) . At present at home is am really lax, but I have been sick and am very tired so I am giving myself this week off.


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