Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grocery shopping with twins & getting house things done

We'd run out of full cream and low-fat (2%) milk yesterday morning so since I had a half day's leave, it was my job to get milk on the way home.

By the way, the half day was not for fun - it was to relieve my MIL who came to babysit so that V could go renew her asylum papers.

Long story short, still not done but she has decided to just wait it out. Also the fine is R1000 because she's late - she waited the whole day to hear that.

Anyway, moving along.

I was called into a meeting unexpectedly (they forgot to invite me) so I was out 30 mins with everything I'd planned to do.

So I thought I'd go home, feed them lunch and then all 3 of us would go to the shops and since I was feeling all competent, why not do the weekly grocery shop anyway.

Big mistake.

I decided to forgo the pram and just pile the kids in the shopping trolley. One where a child is meant to sit, and the other amongst the groceries.

Very big mistake.

The child who shall remain nameless but is my climber was climbing on boxes of milk and squashing my breads, etc.

The other kept asking for water, I'd hand the bottle to that baby, only to have one sip taken and then the bottle being tossed around in the trolley.

And on and on.

In the midst of it, there was some cuteness with "hello, hello" to all the fellow shoppers, most of whom were very grumpy for a Friday afternoon (isn't everybody happy on a Friday?).

Eventually, I just decided this was a bad idea and made my way to the cashiers.

But not without the milk.

D had to make another short trip last night for fruit and vegetables.

I honestly don't think I'll be doing that again soon. Either that or next time it will be for one or two VERY essential items.

How do you guys with twins shop for groceries? Push pram and pull trolley?

The logistics boggle my mind. We've done it before but then I push babies and D pushes the trolley.

Today I was very productive, house-wise. I've decided I need to make a list of all these annoying things around the house and just get it done. It's now all done for the moment.
  1. I took measurements and went to see Michael, the guy around the corner, who will make me two 3-drawer wicker tables for my study. My desk has no drawers and so everything is organised but out in plain sight, and it's driving me nuts.
  2. I also had photos printed for 4 photo frames (in anticipation of my hooks arriving) that I bought just before Christmas.
  3. Jeanette (photographer) tells me I should have my canvases within the next couple of days.
  4. I am up to date with filing (since mid-October!) - good thing I don't keep much paper. Another good thing is when you have a low tolerance for clutter (I'm getting even more ruthless), you just toss, toss, TOSS. Heavenly! I have never had a moment of regret or looked for something I've thrown out, so it's all good.
After I hit publish, I'm going to cook supper and another meal for the week and then later I'll come download photos.

How do you tackle house stuff? Do you do it immediately, or do you have a list, or do you wait until it bugs you and then do it, like me?


  1. I can't even begin to imagine trying to have two in a normal grocery cart. Most of the grocery stores around here have carts that look like cars where the kids can "drive," and they usually have two seaters so that they both sit away from the groceries.

  2. I don't have anyone to leave the kidlets with when I shop, so I've made do.

    1. Infancy: One in an infant car seat installed in the seat part of the cart, the other in a baby sling on my chest.
    2. Toddlerhood: Either a two-child cart with the girls side-by-side, one in the cart seat and carry the other on my arm (one-armed shopping!), push the cart and pull the stroller, or just use the stroller basket as my cart.
    3. Now (age 4): Two-child cart with the girls side-by-side, "regular" cart with one in the basket, one in the seat, or some combination of the girls walking--either holding the side of the cart, or the handle. Lucas only ever has them push the cart, and doesn't help until they say it's too heavy!

  3. I go for the two-seater carts. It's the only way I could get it done. Otherwise, I'd be too afraid of one of the Crazies toppling out of the grocery-area-of-the-cart.

    They're never good at anything the first time either...keep that in mind. Don't give up...keep trying. They'll get the hang of it and so will you!

    House stuff...wait until it bugs me or until I find the perfect thing.

  4. This is post worthy.... off I go! When I publish, no one really knows!

  5. To be honest, I haven't taken the boys grocery shopping by myself in quite a long time. I always wait for my husband so that we can go together. The only place I am comfortable taking them both while I'm alone is Sam's Club because they have 2 seat carts. It's not easy!

    I tried the cart that has the cozy coupe attached (where the boys sit up front and "drive"), but when I pull into the line to check out, they have easy access to the candy, which they pull of the shelves. This is why I don't use that any more!

  6. I only got o shops that have those car-type trolleys. The boys sit in the main part with a steering wheel each and strapped in. The princess either sit on the handle part or walks with me.

  7. I don't take my twins grocery shopping with me, I leave them at home!

  8. Good for you for even trying! I don't shop with my girls if there's much at all I have to get done. I might run in for an item or two...I take them in the stroller since they are not good at staying seated in the cart, so I never get more than I can fit in the stroller basket. Thank goodness for a mom who understands the horror of trying to shop with little hands reaching out...she usually comes over one evening after they're in bed so I can shop, or else I go on the weekends when J is home with them.

    House stuff? I let it pile up til it drives me crazy, then I take a few hours and try to do it all at once. It's ridiculous.

  9. I always take my guys with me. Ryan sits in the seat and Dylan smushes the groceries in the back- and frequently tosses things out as well.


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