Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How quickly I fall off the wagon

I was doing so well with the being diligent about computer time and then I just relapsed.

Last night, despite my better judgement, I stayed up reading blogs for HOURS.


The thing is I justify it because I work so well.

I have my list and I do all my tasks for the business, focussed and like a machine.

A passionate machine, but a machine nonetheless. :)

And then I relax and stop taking note of the time, or using my timer.

Which meant that I bypassed my computer cut-off (10 pm) by two hours last night. Yip, 12 am. With day 2 of a course today.

The previous 3 - 4 nights it was 11:15 - 11:30.

Just as bad.

Imagine how bad it would be if I were on FB all the time!

I've just created a time log in Excel and I'm tracking my time from today.

Tonight I'll spend about 3.5 hours on the computer in total but nearly 2 hours of that was blogging on the professional blog and I'll only be 15 minutes over cut-off after I press Publish Post.

How do you stay disciplined? Or is the computer not a big thing for you?


  1. I'm having the opposite problem. I haven't been able to read blogs lately. Work has been crazy and I'm trying to get lots of other stuff done when I'm not at work. I've missed you!!!

  2. The computer isn't a big deal at all for me. I generally do stuff when Chris is working in the evening and we can't chat and spend time together. That's probably also why I blog so infrequently.

  3. This is something I really battle with and, truthfully, I haven't decided yet how to deal with it. I am very addicted to internet and media and generally allow it to cut into every aspect of my life. I crave media and become antsy if I haven't logged on for a while. I have been thinking about this issue all week. I am considering taking a hiatus from FB - just for a while. It should be an easy decision to make but I really am battling with it. And I am considering structuring weekend time to read most of the blogs in my reader (I follow A LOT of blogs). I am at the point where I no longer read books, I don't watch TV, I don't play enough with my kids and my husband needs to remind me that he needs some alone-time with me. RED FLAG!

  4. Julia, that's where I don't want to get!

    When I actually keep to my 10 pm rule and/ or no more than 2 hours on the computer a day, I easily get everything done - time with D, reading, cooking, organising, etc.

    I support you in your FB hiatus :) and that's why I don't have FB on my phone!

  5. First of all, thank you for visiting my blog...I hope to get to know you over the next few blog posts;-D

    Blog reading does eat away at my time too....but I can't resist it...I have to know what is going on in my blog buddies lives. When DH is home I try to stay of the computer. I get home two hours before he does in the afternoons and that is my computer time.

  6. It's such a time-suck. I get up at 6 AM just to read my blogs and get some alone time with my coffee before the Crazies get up! That's dedication!!!

    I've tried to set timers for myself, but they only work half the time.

  7. Luckily I don't work- I could never be disciplined enough to stay off of blogs/facebook/world of warcraft.

  8. A lot of what I do is on the computer - even if I am a SAHM. So I do feel like I spend WAY too much time online.

    This year has been super hard, as I've used it as a coping tool to stay awake.

    Right now, I am working on weeding out blogs that I follow, limiting time on FB and games, and trying to motivate myself to get back to walking and a working schedule for the day.

    I'm getting more sleep at night, so I'm beginning to feel better. Maybe productivity isn't far behind? Wish I had a partner to walk with - but in the country,

    Nobody hears if you scream .... LOL


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