Sunday, January 16, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

There was a whole discussion on a blog a good few weeks ago about how sweets (candy) are called different things in different countries.

Well, these are what we call fizzers and smarties :)

If some of you are thinking, "who cares?!" it's because I'm the type of person who LOVES seeing everyday things that happen in different countries (I always make a trip to a local supermarket when we travel to look at all the toiletries, breads, etc.).

I am easily amused.

In the things that make me stupid excited post, I mentioned my square purple bowls. I now present my new favourites :)

They go so beautifully with these plum plates that I've had for about 5 - 6 years. Mmmmm, see all the pepper? Another one of life's little pleasures.

While we're talking food, here's my menu for the week:

Pasta with chicken and broccoli

Chicken divan, rice and carrots

Tomato sausages with sweet potato bake, peas/ carrots
I have issues following recipes (I can't no matter how hard I try) so while this started out with good intentions from my Reluctant Entertainer book, it quickly morphed to whatever I felt like throwing in. (click to see bigger)

Apricot chicken, rice and broccoli (I will blog the recipe for the apricot chicken maybe next week - I planned to do it now but the whole Picasa collage above took sweet forever and I have a date with my 3rd book of the month at 10 pm)

Burgers and salad

And last, but not least...

Here are the pics I was running around having printed yesterday. I did them tonight while D was bathing Connor. Kendra and I were having girl time playing with photos. I have a little "brag book" (I don't brag; it really is called that!) which she loves, so she pages through saying, "Daddy, Connor, Mommy/ Mummy, Kendra", and on and on. VERY cute!

here is the work-in-process pic (that little book with the flowers is the brag book)

this one is in the corridor outside the study - ignore bad pics. I only took them for proof!

this frame was my Christmas present at the infertility support group's end-of-year function. those are some of the beach pics.

and these are the last two. I decided the one of me is worthy to be printed so it can inspire me in person, not just for other people on my website :)

We've had some flood warnings but yesterday was beautiful weather (warm but not boiling hot) and today it has been raining pretty much the entire day.

Connor loves messing in the rain - I normally don't mind but not when we're going to church and I don't have spare clothes with me. Poor kid was whisked in and out of the car within seconds.

All the rain meant .... SOUP. I made a gigantic pot of very good soup. We all had some for lunch with garlic bread (us) and toast (them) and I took a bite of the toast because the melting butter smelt so good and I went, "MMMMM", like I normally do when I taste heaven.

Connor laughed like a crazy boy - apparently he likes his mother's sounds because when we were out shopping on Friday, I walked past a smoker and said, "ugh" at the smell and again, more crazy boy laughter.

So how has your weekend been?


  1. I shop local stores when I travel for that same reason! Although trying to ask for Tampons in Spain was a biotch! Tiene...tampon-o? LOL

    I worked this weekend and bickered with DH over plans for Monday as it's a holiday and he'll be home interrupting my groove. ;/

  2. I need to start listing my meals. I've actually been pretty good at it this month!

    Love the photo's so awesome to get pictures hung up in the house (not that I would know anything about that).

    Your Smarties are different than our Smarties.

  3. Smarties are most similar to M&Ms here, but they're not quite the same. I LOVE Smarties!!! When I travelled to Canada, I would always stock up. I have a few boxes in my pantry now from a friend who travelled to Canada not long ago. I'm saving them for a special occasion, when I really need a chocolate fix. :)

  4. Oh, and I love that you printed the picture of yourself. I think it's a great idea to have a picture of ourselves that we really like, and have it out on display! (Now to find a picture...hmmm...)

  5. Hi, I'm much the same. Love seeing everyday life in different countries - probably why I enjoy blogs so much. Sweets over here in New Zealand are called "lollies" - a few others word differences with South Africa are slops are "jandals", pencil crayons are "coloured pencils", koki's are "felt tips" and of course the pronounciations are something else eg. mayor is pronounced "mare" :) It has made our new life here interesting! Kind regards. Carol

  6. I follow one blog just because she posts "Little Differences" segments on occasion - an American li^ing in Germany.

    I think it is fascinating.


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