Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mondo Beyondo - small things that bring me joy

I mentioned before that I'm doing Mondo Beyondo.

I am loving it.

I like the structure of an outline and a plan to explore dreaming big. Most of all I love reading the comments on the private blog - these people write so beautifully.

Anyway, here is today's prompt for me (I'm a day behind since I get the stuff late afternoon because of being in South Africa - the others are just starting out their day).

What are some small things that bring you joy?


  1. I love that Phil Collins song, can't help but bee-bop along to it. And I love that red handbags make you happy. Very fun. :)

  2. I am dying to know more about what you like, if you feel like it is worth the $$, etc.

  3. Two small gems

    -fresh baked bread

    -the beach (all five senses)

  4. This week I spent my full lunch hour sitting in the sun and just observing people and reflecting.
    I did a DIY pedi. I laughed with my kids a lot more than usual. And our new favourite thing to do is to dance for a bit in the lounge after dinner. So much of fun and joy.

  5. Laura, I definitely think anything that helps you move towards your goals is worth the $. Always!

    This kind of thing may be my biggest personal spend, books, workshops, coaching, etc.

    I just think so differently usually (must have a plan and my instinct is to do the how-to) that to just leave things to be is very liberating for me.

    E.g. I wrote to them last week already to ask if we're not supposed to already have our lists. I'm sure they giggled at that :) But they wrote back and said I could if I wanted to, otherwise to just follow along and do the list when the prompt says to do it. I decided that I'll follow their outline since I'm paying for it.

    MandyE, that song is an INSTANT mood lifter for me. After 2 seconds, I'm happy!

    Oh Mandy, YES, the beach! Esp crashing waves - gosh, I'm all about the drama!

    Julia, the people-watching sounds heavenly. I need to do more of that.

  6. A great list - and I just love handbags, in general. Some people are shoe people (ok I am a bit of that too) but I am a handbag person.

  7. I recently received new plates as a gift and they're actually making their way out of the packages...that makes me happy.

  8. Great list. And now I am craving some pasta!!!!

  9. Cadburys chocolate, seeing & hearing my children laugh, walking in the berg breathing in the fresh crisp air, sunsets on Clifton beach. These things bring me pleasure!

  10. Pray, tell me more about Mondo Beyondo. Last year I tried scripting and dreaming/visualising on my own, but I got lost. This sounds interesting...

  11. My children

    A good book


    rainbows and sunsets and sunrises

    colored pens and pencils - especially if they write well too.

    straight from the garden ^eggies and fruit.

    soft things (bunnies, cats, a new blanket, fuzzy robe)

    And my buckwheat pillows


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