Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ordinary, simple pleasures

I had one of the best weekends.

"Wow, what happened?" you might ask.

Nothing spectacular, just small, simple pleasures.

MandyE and I have often spoken about how the ordinary can be so fabulous sometimes because it's what you've dreamed of for so long. Normal, family stuff, nothing exciting, just pleasure in the ordinary.

1. just finished supper of home-made vegetable and lentil soup with buttered garlic bread. Mmmmm.
2. yesterday for lunch, we ALL had baked beans on toast, one of my favourite cold weather lunches. First time for the kids and they loved it. Connor is apparently a boy who relishes his food like his mother as he is also doing the "mmmm" thing. Too sweet to see in an 18-month-old.
3. 1:1 shopping yesterday with Kendra for some shoes (still no winter clothes in the shops and we're having lots of cold weather) and some pretty office-type stuff as I decided "life is too short to not have a pretty workspace".
4. reading comments on some of the Mondo Beyondo threads. I love when a community of women support and inspire one another instead of the backbiting we seem to see so often.
5. being inspired by the Mondo Beyondo comments, especially by the sorts of people who are so different to me (artists, creatives, etc.).
6. doing my prompts and having aha moments as I wrote (typed) my initial Mondo Beyondo list. there is such freedom for a person like me to know that tomorrow I will print it (I purposely don't have a printer at home), put it in a beautiful blue envelope (I'm into prettying my life this year - more on another post) and forget about it. I know that half the power of creating awesomeness in your life is simply to write it down.
7. I have vision boards from years ago that I made and "forgot about" and they have come to pass.
8. an unexpected weekend sale popping into my inbox (I get most sales on a Wed or Thurs right after my newsletter goes out)
9. had a meeting after church with the pastor in charge of ministry work and I am officially starting my ministry in Feb. I'm starting to get excited about impacting real, live, in-the-flesh people again. For too long, it feels like I have been hiding behind my computer, blogging here and on the other blog.
10. had lunch at a coffee shop and used our fabric baby seats. I was stopped by several people asking "WHERE did you get those fabulous things?" (paraphrasing) but best of all, the babies behaved and we had a lovely lunch with everyone eating their food.
11. had a nearly 2 hour long nap this afternoon. Bliss. Connor did the same and was the happiest camper on the planet afterwards. Amazing what sleep will do.
12. hugging the babies' teddies, Thursday and Friday (that's their names), and pretending that they were telling K & C they really wanted to go sleep. Hey, it worked.
13. while I was typing this, Connor started talking in his sleep. Ba- ba- ba (like he's shooting someone?). D and I both burst out laughing.

What were your simple pleasures this weekend?

P.S. Pics taken at Lavendar Cafe in Port Elizabeth - taking pics like these is another of my simple pleasures


  1. I was just talking to DH about how we need to simplify and be happy about the small things. More homemade food and a trip to the beach is in order!!

  2. Anonymous9:13 am

    Hey,i am so glad you had a divine weekend and this weather def was perfect for indoors and with the kids.

    Well i have to say I NEED one of those chair things cause hell over the past 2 weeks we have been out and either they do not have high chairs, or they broken and darling Christopher is a SUPER champ at climbing let alone out the chairs and on the tables.... Driving me batty these chairs.

    Anyways hope you have a good week.

  3. Hi Robz

    The link is in the comments on this post

  4. I covered my sons school books (I know it's weird but I LOVE doing it), My DH made a divine chicken curry on Saturday night and we had it with some really good wine. We also had some alone time when the kids went to bed (nice and early). On Saturday afternoon I had a beautiful 4 hour nap. It was bliss and I felt like a new person when I woke up. And yesterday afternoon we danced a bit. Simple pleasures are definitely the best kind.

  5. I had quite and unusual Friday night (I need to blgo it but just can not find the words yet), but the rest was very simple. Yesterday's day ont he farm was great, and so was our walk on Saturday afternoon late, boys in the stroller, the Princess on her bike and the puppies.

  6. LOVE weekends like that! For us, a good meal out, when everyone eats and behaves themselves, can just make the whole day better. And two-hour naps, especially when I get one too, are wonderful!

    Our weekend did not have too many pleasures, unless you count the fact that I finished a pretty good book. : ) M had a fever and felt pretty horrible all weekend. A didn't feel too well Saturday night/Sunday morning. We didn't get much sleep and basically just had a pretty crappy weekend. Hopefully, they are on the mend and next weekend will be better!

  7. I was just telling Hubby how amazing it is to sit down and truly share a meal with the girls! It just makes us feel like so much more of a "family"...and it gives me so much pleasure when the girls like something (like Mommy's homemade chili) that I really love, too. :)

    And YEA for one-on-one shopping time!


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