Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Second child syndrome

I have a friend with four kids.

They're all two years apart.

I used to tease her because child 1's photo was plastered everywhere in her home. Child 2, 3 and 4? Almost nothing.

She told me at the time that you obsess about the first one and then when the rest of them come along, you just totally relax about the rest... :)

And, of course, at the time I thought it was terrible but I'm doing it too!

Both of mine are "second children" with regard to lots of things - Connor walked first, Kendra says most words first, Connor can play properly with certain toys first, Kendra climbed first, Connor made a run for it first (oh, didn't I tell you? the door was left open the other day and V found Connor at my car "go car" - thank goodness for high walls in Jhb).

And so on.

I generally remember (generally is also a very loose term) to write down that first thing but my poor second child has no record of things.


I was thinking about the walking thing. I know K walked after Connor but when?!

Your guess is as good as mine.

My friend, Roz, is very good at recording everything about her girls and quite honestly, would be horrified at the lack of record-keeping that goes on around here.

The only thing I keep good records of are their weights and such at the paed appointments. And what they eat!

D & I were at a bookstore a few weeks ago and I saw the most beautiful 5-year baby books. I may still get them because they're 5 years in one and that appeals to the minimalist in me; I'm thinking about it. I browsed through them and thought, "I don't even know half these things" about my first this and my first that :)

It's not like I lack the skill or ability to keep good records. After all I write down plenty of other things. Somehow I just don't seem to be that interested - eek!

This blog is probably the best record of all the babies' milestones and development that I have, and it's not really a baby blog.

I once read a blog about a lady who kept a spiral notebook on her kitchen counter to jot things down that her kids did or said so she wouldn't forget. That's a great idea.

Where on the record-keeping spectrum are you with your kids? And what is your preferred method? Scrapbooks, journals, your blog? How do you keep track of it all?

P.S. I made an appointment at the paediatric nutritionist for the first week in Feb. It will have been 4 weeks since the other weigh-in so we should have a good idea of how things have been going.


  1. My kids each have a baby book (first 5 years). When I remember I make a quick note of it on my cellphone calendar, as thats usually the closest thing to me. Then later on, I write it in their books. I also generally remember the first childs milestones better than the second child's.

  2. Oh my, I am terrible at writing down dates, etc. for all the firsts. And that goes for BOTH girls!

    Their baby books are filled out up until about six months, but it has been close to a year since I even wrote in them at all. I am the same way with pictures...if I am focused on taking pictures or recording every single detail, I feel like I miss a lot of the "moment". So, whether I regret it in the future or not, I do more 'enjoying the moment' than writing down every little thing.

    My mom was the same way, and I don't mind at all. : )

  3. My blog is certainly my best record. I also have boxes (pretty things) that I have kept some select items in. I also have notes in my moleskines.

    But what I am planning to keep better with my no 2 and 3 kids than with 1 is a school years record. But I will do a whole post on it.

  4. No Marcia, surely not... I'm surprised, I would have thought you would be setting a high standard with record keeping! I'm no good either. I have one page in my notebook where I recorded the first year milestones, but that's where it ends. My Mom never did for us and I don't miss not knowing what I first did when. I don't think these boys will care much for it. When I went to primary school I was given a class 1 to matric scrapbook where I kept my own school photo's, memories, awards. That was more meaningful to me. My Mom helped start it and then it was up to us kids whether we wanted to continue. I still have it!

  5. I also have one of those "first 5 years" books and have been good at recording the information in them but I have been shocking at having photo's printed to put in them! Need to get that organized!

  6. Yes well, you know me...I am obsessed with it!!! I have a small notebook where I have written down all the milestones just to jog my memory. Then, I have a private blog for the girls where I have written them 'letters from Mommy' every month detailing their milestones, the little things I love and adore and including their 'pics with Bunny'! The 'pics with Bunny' ended at a year cos they weren't sitting still for one second let alone enough time to actually see them next to the bunny!!! I am about to have those blog posts printed for them in a book each. I have a memory box for them each with special items like clothes etc etc which obviously can't go into a book! Then scrapbooks with their cards etc and then I am working on their year one photobooks...OMG...just reading this is exhausting, I don't know how I have and am going to keep it up!!! Having said that though, I wouldn't change it for anything. It is just the way I am and I do it because I love doing it!!! It is not a chore!!! I am SUPER sentimental...and maybe my girls won't be that way but I at least want them to have the things than not. xxxx

  7. It's all on my blog...every embarrassing piece is on my blog. I have never been able to keep up with a baby book or a scrapbook (although that is an aspiration of mine). I just don't have time/energy/motivation.

    I kind of think that we're lucky, in a way, that our kids don't really have a birth order...who wants to give all of their attention to just one child? How boring, right? LOL

  8. I had two baby books filled out for my oldest. One mostly filled out for #2. One bought with a few comments here and there for #3. I bought a book for #4 but it's still in the wrapper. Didn't even bother for #5, 6 and 7.

  9. Kendra has 2 very full "My Baby" calendars made special to record milestones. Not much got missed with those awesome calendars! I didn't have much in the way of camera or movies - I could only afford to develop one roll of pics a month - so 24 pics a month.

    Vannan has almost nothing in her baby book until she was 6 months old. I have some vague notions - I know she was sitting at Christmas. Also, for her second Christmas, we were given a HUGE movie camera - the kind that takes a whole VCR tape. Lots of videos - not as much pictures. Still, I did a decent job until we moved to Texas and everything was packed for 3 1/2 years.

    For Joel, I made an effort, but we now have a nice camera that takes movies. So he has tons of pics of his milestones. Basically nothing in his baby book. And a box that I put keepsakes inside.

    LaRue ... well, she has FB and my blog - otherwise, nothing is boxed, nothing is written down, and I really don't remember much of it (it's been a hard year). But I did have my Mom's really nice camera - so I took TONS of pics and movies of her.


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