Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something I never thought I'd ever be writing about

I'd totally not even thought about de-worming until the first comments came through on yesterday's post...

and then I went "duh"

I remember when I went to the Toddlersense Seminar (which I still haven't written about 3 months later) the lady mentioned that once babies start crawling and playing outside, they should be de-wormed every 6 months.

My kids were 14 months at the time so were well overdue and I made a note in the manual.

However, that doesn't help if you don't take out the manual to look through it again, something I am particularly bad at, and which is why blogging is so good for me as it helps me process and work through my notes.

So yesterday afternoon I went to buy the de-worming medicine and started my kids on it.

La la la la la - that's me not thinking about worms as I get gooseflesh just from thinking about it!

From the other comments (go read them all - they are fantastic - in fact, the best writing is often in the comments, if you don't normally read them), I gather that this de-worming thing is mostly South African.

Who knew?!

I will definitely ask both Sr Carla and Dr S about it next time I see them, just for interest's sake.

So the de-worming is happening, I think I'm going to avoid the Pediasure for now (I've googled it after Rachel's comment) and take them back after a month.

My kids do eat more oils than we do - full fat everything, avocados, oily fish, etc.

I will also make the appt with the paediatric nutritionist, just in case. But I really hope it's just worms as they are really happy and healthy and I don't want to create other eating issues because of this!

So many people (blog comments and people in real life, like my English colleague) have told me that South African medical staff are unduly obsessed with the weight charts and, after this, I tend to agree.

90-day goal for the babies - get this weight thing sorted out

What are your 90-day goals for your babies/ kids?


  1. It's definitely not a South African problem ;-)

    "Recent medical evidence shows that many people have significant numbers of intestinal parasites living inside of themselves and that these parasites may be the cause of your ibs or colitis. Frequent symptoms of these intestinal parasite infections are ibs ( irritable bowel syndrome ), colitis, diarrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome (constantly tired), and malaise.

    People around the world are infested with human parasites including many from countries previously thought to be reasonably free of intestinal parasites including the United States. Recent medical studies indicate that American men live shorter lives of up to 4 years because of parasites. Other medical studies find that the average male carries up to 2 lbs of parasites inside of his body."

    from http://www.paradevices.com/intestinal-parasites.html

  2. Mash, thanks for that - I had no idea!

  3. At our 12 month paed visit my paed actually mentioned that we will be doing it at 18 months. Though then it was standard practise in South Africa for paeds to do this then perhaps.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!

  4. My 90 day goal for my kids:
    Help them settle in at school after a long, long holiday. Get a proper routine going ito homework, play, extra-murals etc.

    Touch base with teachers at school in about 3-4 weeks once they have settled into a proper school routine.

    Deworm (your post just reminded me that it is due.
    Take my one kid to an ENT. Had no idea one person could have so much phlegm.
    Get up to date with vaccinations - I suspect we have missed one.

  5. Yeah, Americans just think *we* are too clean to ha^e worms.

    Although each of the 4 times I did a parasite cleanse (first time was 2004), I got pregnant. Go figure. But I got a Joel and a LaRue from two of those, so I'm happy!

    Americans spend more on medication per capita than about any place else in the world - because we don't fix the problem, we just take more meds to relieve the symptoms.

    Ok, I'll get off my soap box. I try not to get on it unless coaxed.


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