Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sometimes I am very, very slow

this is me in Kuala Lumpur 4 years ago when I weighed 54 kg. That lovely tan is from laying around at the pool in Thailand :)

My usual thing is to go to gym twice a week. Some weeks I don't even make it twice.

I really need to up the ante so this weight can come off once and for all.

I don't think it's about motivation; it's about creating the time and space to set you up for success.

And that's what I'm trying to do.

We have a gym at work but the problem with that is I don't like to shower at work (I am very private and all the girls walk around na.ked, not me though) and you kind of have to after a lunch time class.

Oh, have I mentioned I only do classes? I find working out by myself very, very boring. I need the group energy and, dare I say it, competition, to spur me on.

Just last night, I went to my first class in over a month.

It was a Zumba class and there was a can-can song which I loved. I pretend I'm on stage and dance my heart out. It helps to push through the pain :)

Back to why I'm slow.

The only time I have to go to extra classes are either during the day or on the weekend.

So I've decided to join the gym at work and hire a personal trainer.

My intention is to do 2 sessions a week with him (at the end of the day so I can drive straight home and shower here), one class by myself at lunch (I'll have to run around with my towel for one day a week), and one to two classes at my regular gym.

So really it's just one day that will seriously inconvenience me but I will do it to reach my goals. I put up with IVFs, didn't I?

These are my goals for the next 3 months:
  1. build upper body strenth (my triceps are getting flabbier which has got to stop)
  2. reduce the abdomen, bum and thigh fat (I want muscles again and for my clothes to fit better)
  3. strengthen my back muscles (I have taken far too many Norflex over the last 2 - 3 months from picking up the kids) and increase flexibility - this is the class I'll do at the work gym by myself, Yoga. I don't have a good relationship with Yoga/ Pilates-type stuff but I will persevere
  4. strengthen my core
  5. increase my physical fitness (the two cardio dance classes should help here)
  6. lose some weight (I'm giving him my Mondo number - 57 - so he works for his money :))
I love how the weight is number 6, and I didn't even plan it like that!

I am taking this list with me later this afternoon when I go see him to set goals and work out my plan.

Do you have health and fitness goals?


  1. picaI actually learnt so much from this post. My goal is to lose weight as well as to become fit. My Mom is going to sponsor Weigh Less for me. I have no idea how much I would like to weigh. I have no idea how to go about achieving fitness. I do know that I must exercise. I have considered running (my brother has offered to coach me) but my ankle is acting funny. I have not actually thought of anything else.
    After reading this post I realize that I need to have more specific goals with regards health and fitness. Currently mine are a bit vague. Thank you for posting this.

  2. I can relate! I like having fitness goals for my health and well being. I have always been trim and fit with the exception of the year I was pregnant (quite a bit of bed rest) and then after the twins were born.

    My goal this past year was to lose the preggo weight (almost 50 lbs/23 kilos) and keep up with them!
    I did lose all the weight in under a year, but I have lost so much of my muscle tone as well.
    So, I'm skinny (around 108 lbs/49 kilos) but not as fit.

    Since I'm now weaning the boys from breast feeding, I have some time to (finally!) get back to the gym for the first time.
    I'm exciting about this year and getting back in 'shape' instead of just being 'skinny'.

    Good Luck to you!

  3. Yes, I have, I'm not meeting them (as I "drink" buffalo pretzels from a dish b/c I need to type...I'm gross).

  4. Yup...if you have read my blog lately, you'll know my weight goals...6 down now, 8 to go! I am also aiming to go to the work gym 3 times a week! Not sure when I will get around to that but hey, the goal is set! Good luck with achieving your goals!

  5. Good luck - these are great goals.


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