Thursday, January 06, 2011

Things that make me stupid excited

Every month when I read Megan's blog I keep thinking, "I really need to participate".

Only thing is I always remember these things in the shower or driving and just don't get myself organised enough to blog them in time. And then Megan blogs and I have other stuff I want to say for the next two days...and so on...

Anyway, better late than never, right?

1. stick-e-tags

I've tried googling but nothing comes up. Oh well - they are like post-it flags but in the shape of arrows with the arrowhead being the sticky part. I read with them next to me and if I need to think about/ blog about something I put a little stick-e-tag there. I bought mine at CUM books if anyone in SA is interested.

2. the cooler Jhb weather!

You know how much I love my grey skies. And we've been having unseasonably cool weather which I'm loving. I said to D a few days ago, "I can't WAIT til it's winter" and yes, I got The Look.

I've even been staying at work til 4 so I can gaze upon the gorgeousness that is a grey Jhb sky as I have the most fantastic views imaginable.

3. square plum-coloured bowls from Mr Price Home clearance table

I didn't know how much I'd love them til I bought them. Oh my!

I have plates the exact same colour and now they have friends :) I'm eating everything from these bowls - salads, cereal, pasta. It just makes me happy to see them.

4. my moo Mommy cards

They are so gorgeous I don't even want to use them. And look at the cute container :)

5. having no piles of ironing in my laundry

Now this makes me stupid excited!

I asked Nanny V if she knew of someone who could come work one day this week. She brought her cousin and voila! my piles of unironed clothes are gone. I hate having things standing around so I'm very, very excited.

Our usual cleaning lady, Nester (yes, it's her real name), is back on Tuesday, and will be coming once a week, so things should be back to normal. Also, she won't think I'm a total lazy person when she sees just the latest laundry for ironing.

What are you stupid excited about?


  1. Hard not to get excited by up to date ironing...I hate ironing (and I don't use that term lightly!).

  2. Love it!!! I too LOVE those arrow sticky things, whatever they're called. And woot for no ironing! That is definitely something to get stupid excited about! :-)

  3. I am excited that I at last this morning took the Christmas trees down (way too late, I know) and that today is Friday!

  4. I need a Nester...not that I iron or anything...I just want one.

    Let's see those plum bowls! They sound lovely!

  5. I just bought 3 yellow and white striped bowls - Keith hates them coz they don't fit into the dishwasher nicely, but it's no use explaing that I bought them coz I like the look of them!
    What are the Moo mommy card things? Who do you give them to?
    Mary is back on Wed... I can't wait. I vacuumed and sent 3 weeks of laundry to be ironed at the laundry. R90 for the lot, not bad I thought?


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