Friday, January 21, 2011

Torture for a purpose

I had my first session with the personal trainer today.

I thought he may go easy on me seeing as how it's only the start of our "relationship" but no.

Boy oh boy.

He seriously worked me hard.

Took no excuses and when I stopped before we'd reached 30 of something or other, made me start all over again.

I kept visualising my 54 kg self (my Mondo goal is only 57 kg), this pic in Kuala Lumpur and at one point I told him I'd be bringing a "thin" pic to put on the treadmill (I hate treadmills). I think he thought I was joking.

I am so not.

It's on my list for tomorrow to have a thin pic printed because seeing my skinny (for me) thighs will definitely motivate me to keep going.

This is Victoria Station in London - I was 56 kg under that jacket in May 2008 and had crept up to 59 after all the fertility meds in Oct/ Nov. So 59 is my pre-pregnancy weight but my goal is 57.

BTW, that luggage is for 3 weeks in the UK :)

The good news is... he says we should reach my goals in LESS THAN 3 months! That will make me very, very happy and I can't wait :)

I plan to book a mini photo shoot with Jeanette for just D and me in April - a funky, arty one in Newtown to celebrate our 16 years of marriage.

On another note, out of nowhere, the personal trainer says to me, "is your husband white?"

I was shocked* but blurted out, " did you know?"

He says, "I just sensed"

What that means only he will know.

I was chatting to some clients today and I realised that D & I have only spent 1 night away from the babies (my birthday last year). They were horrified that we haven't escaped more :)

How many nights have you spent away from your babies/ kids, especially in the first two years?

P.S. * I am what we call coloured in SA. Basically mixed race. Both D and I honestly don't see our "differences" - we haven't ever had issues, even right at the beginning.

P.P.S. Tomorrow I need to write about some of Connor's naughtiness. And the bad thing is I just laugh which I don't think is the best thing in the world to do...


  1. Amazing packing! I use one carry-on for 16 days in London. :) I still can't believe your paying someone to torture you, although if they promised my thighs would never touch again I'd totally do it!! So is race still a big issue there? How very American of me right? I remember learning about SA and apartheid in school and there was a big to-do over it ending (of course what did this middle class, white girl in America care when there was soccer and Full House!) He sounds rude though...

    We haven't spent a night away from them since they came home. They've always been with us when we traveled and the few nights we've stayed out late (2 how sad!) we always picked them up and taken them home. The girls turned 18 months yesterday and I swear they've been possessed! Don't I have till 2 before I have to worry about them being hellians?

  2. We haven't spent many nights away from the Crazies...maybe 3 in the first two years. Ugh...

    Good luck with the trainer. I just started doing my push-ups and crunches again at the gym (as opposed to just sticking to my Knee exercises) and apparently my abs are really pissed off at me. I can't wait to hear about what kind of torture he inflicts upon you!

    See? As long as it's happening to someone else, I'm fine with it!

  3. I've been away from Ryan but he was with Aaron getting treatment while I was home with Dylan.

  4. Good luck with your trainer. No pain no gain and all that. The longest time that me or my DH have spent away from our kids (separately though) was one week. We have done a weekend not too long ago.
    ps...I also get questions like that. And my DH is not white, just very fair. It catches me off guard every time. I usually just say that he's actually Chinese. Works every time.

  5. Hello missy :) A whole lot of catching up to do on your wonderful musings...! NO nights yet.

  6. Now that appeals to my strange sense of humour - I am laughing! So funny him asking if your husband is white! See I don't think it is rude to discuss this type of thing or be questioned, I think it is refreshing - what's to hide?
    He can get you to your goal weight in 3 months - me thinks you don't have a big problem here!

  7. Oh I forgot to add, I'm in shock.I've never thought about it before. Keith and I have never spent a night away from David... we're planning a trip away in Nov, that will be the first time and David will be 2 and a bit and new baby 10 months old. We first have to convince my Mom to take them on!

  8. That comment - WHAAAAAAT???

    Only one night for us so far too. DESPERATE for another one. Or two. Or five.

  9. I use to bring a babysitter with us when we tra^eled - often my little sister. Ne^er wanted them out of my sight. LOL

    When Kendra was 3 1/2, I let my mom con^ince me to lea^e her behind and we returned home - they brought her to us the following weekend. After that, they would come pick her up and keep her for 2 weeks. It was a 14 or 15 hour trip one way.

    We ha^e ne^er tra^eled a lot - can't afford it. But would like too.

    When Tim lost his "great job" and we bailed and came to li^e with his parents, we met my folks half way - ga^e them the girls, and I didn't see them for 3 weeks since they took them on their ^acation to see my other sister. Just as well, because in hooking up the trailer to the mo^ing ^an, Tim smashed his finger and it was a long slow trip - especially since I don't dri^e and he couldn't take pain meds - and it was bad - they remo^ed the tip of his finger.

    Since then (girls were 3 /12 and just turned 6) ... we ha^en't had a singe ^acation. Although, my parents ha^e taken the girls on a few weekend trips with them, and Tim's parents took ^annan with them once. And Joel often goes and stays a few days with Tim's folks. Also, Joel spent a week with his Aunt and Uncle for his 5th birthday.

    Lo^e reading about your ad^entures though!


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