Monday, January 03, 2011

Word for the year

I’ve been doing this word of the year thing for a number of years now.

Let me take you on my journey.

I’d had a very hectic business life in 2008.

I now see I was trying to stay busy to avoid the pain of infertility – this was uncovered in a coaching session.

I was also listening to a teleseminar and a woman said how she had a block against building her business because she didn’t know how she’d have time for kids in an already busy life.

Aha moment!

That was me. I was also so busy (yet organized) but didn’t know how I’d be able to have a child, yet I wanted one.

I then consciously started simplifying, delegating, getting un-busy so that I’d have the space (both physical and mental) for the child I wanted.

Coincidentally or not, that process happened between IVF 1 and the IVF 2 that resulted in C & K.

I found out I was pregnant on Christmas Eve 2008 and my main goal was staying pregnant and, once I discovered it was twins, taking home two alive babies.

And so, in 2009, my word was simplicity.

That worked really well as I simplified everything in my business (if you have a business, I am expert at helping you take out everything that you don’t want in a way that feels right for you - honestly), delegated everything that didn’t need my awesomeness and most importantly, I had my live, take-home babies.

Mission accomplished.

You know the craziness with newborn babies (and twins) and so when 2010 rolled around, I felt like I needed to get it all back on track.

My word for 2010 – consolidate.

Boring but very necessary.

I got my home into order, the babies on a schedule so they’re no longer kicking my butt, work is back on track and most things are consolidated.

Now that 2011 is here, it’s time to ramp up.

Step out into the big dreams and goals I’ve always had for my life.

And so my word for 2011 is courage.

My name means “brave and fearless” and I think that mostly, I am.

This year I want to act in the face of fear.

What that means for me is when I feel like shrinking, to step out and be visible.

When I feel scared, to do it anyway.

When I feel vulnerable and don’t want to risk being hurt, to connect anyway.

That’s courage for me.

To stop playing it safe.

So look out world – this year is going to be my best year ever!

I have big plans in mind that involve a book... *ahem*

What is your word of the year? Don’t think too hard, share the first thing that comes to mind.

P.S. When you see me shrink, remind me to act courageously. And if you find a pic or an article or a piece of jewellery that depicts courage, please point me towards them to inspire me.

P.P.S. I have a pic (which I need to go find on my discs of photos) taken when we went to Australia in 2006. It’s of me HIGH above the ground, on the Otway Fly, which I would have liked to post to represent courage. It’s the thought that counts, right?!


  1. I think I'd like my word of the year for 2011 to be harmony.

  2. I think my word will be Simplify. I am on a kick of clearing out the un-needed and unwanted, both in our house and in life in general. I'd like to think it will last more than a few weeks, so maybe thinking of my word for the year will help. : )

  3. Enjoy. That's my word...enjoy this year.

  4. my word is probably just 'survive' - arggghhhh!

    Good for you on the book plans!! I'm right there with you (although I imagine you're planning an organising book?) Do you have a publisher lined up? (I totally do not in any way have anybody who wants to publish me, so you are miles and miles ahead of me if you do). Good luck - let me know if you want any of my links for all the publishing blogs I read obsessively :)


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