Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Love book club

Hi all

Crazy Love starts on 1 March.

Get all the details here.

People in on the Crazy Love so far:

Rachie Pachie
Mandy P?

From now onwards I'll be posting about the book on the Crazy Love blog :)


  1. Hmmm.... I happen to be a few pages away from finishing up my current book. I gave my mom a copy of Crazy Love, but I think she's focusing more on a different book right now, so she may lend it back to me to read. Let me ask her tonight... :-)

  2. I started a book club about 2 years ago, we were called Divine Sisters and we had a blast but we quickly realized that our passion was more for drinking wine than reading the books and eventually the whole thing fizzled out to wine club and then morphed into what is now known as Barren Bitches or BB's and we meet once a month for a lot of wine and a nice dinner somewhere. Great fun indeed! Enjoy!


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