Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Yesterday I had my first massage of the year.

I always go for a neck and shoulder massage since I "store" my stress in my back.

It was wonderful.

What made it even more wonderful was that it was POURING with rain.

And there were claps of thunder and lightning.

Just divine.

The massage therapist got such a fright with the first clap of thunder though and we spoke about it afterwards.

She wanted to know if the massage was, in fact, relaxing with all the rain and thunder going on.

I told her that (for me) it made it even MORE relaxing because I so love rainy weather :)

In fact, I suggested that she get a CD with rain music LOL

Two of my friends suggested I get something like a massage (hmmm) since I've been feeling a bit blah.

That's not the answer - superficial things never are - but it was nice nevertheless.

What do you do when you feel a bit blah?

P.S. There was nothing controversial about the church post and no, I didn't delete anything. There is no way I'd delete posts over things like that. It's just I don't normally get people dropping off and then straight after that one, 1 went. And look - another left :) I'm not bothered by it honestly.


  1. Do you think the Church post was the reason readers chose to unfollow you? It seems odd to me, there was nothing offensive of controversial about that post at all!

    Doing anything for myself when I'm feeling blah really helps my frame of mind, especially a dinner or a few cocktails with my girlfriends, or listening to the sound of Ava laugh. Man I swear the sound of her laughter could cure the world of depression! :-)

  2. Good that you don't delete posts. I so want a massage but money is a bit tight, so no massage for me :(
    Glad you enjoyed it, it is something I recommend for anybody

  3. I also carry stress in my neck and shoulders and this led to fibromyalgia. I go for a massage every second week...medicine for the body and soul. Coffee with my girlfriends is also something that lifts my spirit.

  4. I'm getting a facial this a massage, but for your face! I can't freaking wait!!!!

    I love massages though too...the rain idea is awesome. I love rain as long as I don't have to go out in it (which I typically do)!

  5. A massage would be heavenly right about now. Somehow I can never justify investing in a massage. I do hope to change this.
    If I am feeling blah I sit in the sun, I pray, I hang out with my girlfriends, I watch series.
    I used to eat. I've since stopped that bad habit.

  6. We had the most wonderful pouring rain here yesterday. It was so dark and gray all day, and I loved it!

    I like to curl up with a good book when I'm feeling blah...or order something cute off Etsy! : )

  7. I just got a coupon in the mail for $10 off a massage for my birthday...I'm going to book it today. I'm giddy just thinking about it! :)

    And I love the sound of rain, too. The house I grew up in had an aluminum roof, and it magnified the sound...wonderful!

    I just happened to notice that I lost a FB friend. I have no idea who, and I don't really care (I don't think), but I would love to know who it was. I can't imagine I offended anyone, but who knows???

    I'm feeling a little "detached" or something, too. I think it's too many days in the house. I'm SO READY to get out with the girls...but between colds and nasty weather, we've been largely house-bound (with a couple of exceptions) for about three weeks. GAH!!!

  8. 'parently, we are in for some rain in CT too. I'm waiting with bated breath, love it SOOO much.

    Don't even really understand how the follower thing works? I have subscribed to all my blogs in Google Reader, which doesn't actually mean I'm a follower, but I still read them? Whatever.

    Remember it could be just someone that's decided to stop reading blogs because it takes so much time...

  9. A hot stone back and shoulder massage = heaven to me.

  10. No money here for massages

    My first "go to" item under stress was to read a nice thick science fiction/fantasy novel. 500+ pages was nice. Something that I could crank out in 12 - 20 hours (depending on Reading level and how small the print was.)

    But 3 years ago, when I got new glasses, I suddenly could not read anything not on the computer - and it is really hard to curl up with the computer! (I'm legally blind - and need prescription reading glasses - not in our budget).

    So my second "go to" for stress is to eat - nibbling here and there. It's been a nightmare the last 2 years - and a few months ago, I finally surfaced for a few days and was shocked to find I had gained 40 lbs!!! Between healing muscles from the car accident - LaRue healing from the accident and normal 1st year of growing - and so exhausted that I never got enough sleep and ate to stay awake .... I just never realized how much or even what I was eating - all I knew was my stomach was always growling.

    Not much has improved - Tim's sales job is not producing much money. I'm getting a few more hours of sleep a night. But new points of stress keep me feeling exhausted.

    Now? Either I blog, or read Google Reader, or FB, or play games online.

    If it were not for my Christian faith - I would have given up long ago. His grace is always enough.


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