Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting unstuck with Mondo, business bits and bobs, & Valentine's

I have been behind on my Mondo Beyondo stuff since a certain lesson two weeks ago.

I just got stuck and couldn't move.

I then chatted with my coach today (who has also done Mondo). Interestingly enough she got stuck at the same place and we are very different people.

Even more interesting, just the fact that I talked about it for a good 5 mins made me want to revisit the Mondo work.

So I did tonight.

I've just spent 3 hours "catching up". Now people on the forum said to just "be" and "marinate" and other such passive things that don't work for me. I'm a take action kind of gal.

And so I did. I read everything and commented on nearly every single lesson.

And guess what? someone wrote something that hit me between the eyes. They wrote the very thing that unlocked my being stuck.

I finally got why that lesson bothered me so much. I couldn't figure it out from the obvious but it's the hidden things.

Isn't that fantastic?

When I'm stuck, I basically become paralysed and need to figure things out (often with a coach) so I can take acion. Taking action always gets me moving again.

How do you get going when you're stuck with things, decisions, actions in your life?

One of the lessons was to look at your list and look for trends (they called it something else but that's basically it).

Mine all centred around being recognised for achievements, living a simpler life and travel. Oh, lots and lots of travel. Nearly a third of the list is travel.


In other news, one of my current clients told me that she wants extra coaching time. She was already on my most expensive coaching package so I am now officially being paid the most I've ever earned in my life.

MONDO! Best year ever.

It's not the money, it's what it represents - people recognising my expertise.


I also signed up a new client today - she asked for a quote yesterday and today phoned back. When I was about to discuss packages, she said, "oh the money is not an issue. I just need your help desperately" :) love it!


Also, I finally got a dvd from the tv show. Now I need to figure out how to upload just my snippet to YouTube and then I'll email you the link, Deanna. And anyone else who wants to see it.


I worked so well at work today and then again with the personal trainer that I am now absolutely finished, so off to bed.

Tomorrow D and I are going out for lunch, without babies, while V babysits, and then on Sunday afternoon we're going for a movie while MIL babysits. I hope she copes.

That's our Valentine's celebration. We don't do expensive gifts - living a simpler life and all that jazz...

To those who say you can celebrate your love any day, I'm going to ask, well, do you really? We all need opportunities to celebrate love.

So what are you doing? And if you're single, what are you going to do to love yourself?

P.S. whenever you see gorgeous pics of us, it's all thanks to Jeanette :)


  1. That's so great about your clients, Marcia! Of course the money is nice (working towards that bond as you are! :) ), but I completely understand it's so much more than that. I hope you enjoy the deserve it!

    We've never been big "Valentine's Day people", but we do have a date night tonight, and I'm so excited. The girls are snoozing after an afternoon filled with lots of play, and we're heading out to a late dinner. It's been close to two months, so I'm very ready for some Hubby Time!

    Outside of that, I hope to do a few little things to make Valentine's Day fun...a special breakfast of cinnamon bread, served in pink heart-shaped bowls. (I bought them after V-Day last year, and I've been waiting to use them this year...the girls are going to LOVE them!!!) Then I'll probably make a nice dinner and we'll have some kind of special dessert. I may even introduce the girls to chocolate-covered strawberries. Yum-o!

    Hope you enjoy your dates on Saturday and Sunday!!!

  2. Congrats on the business! Perhaps you should treat yourself this weekend.

    Valentine's Day isn't a real holiday-thank you Hallmark for the build up! We aren't doing anything special, although I am in the mood for some brownies and I do have heart shaped tins. I know DH has gotten me a card, and I wouldn't be upset in the least if I got some chocolate covered strawberries from Go.diva!!! I suppose I'll have the girls scribble him a card and call it a day. I'm so unromantic!

    If you do upload video know that I will be watching it over and over again. I won't be able to get enough of your accent! I'm such a loser!

    Enjoy your weekend fun. We left the girls with my parents tonight for a date ourselves! I'll thank you for the kick to revitalize my relationship. It was nice, but stopped me from building the bed. Tomorrow is another day though...

  3. Wonderful news about your clients...must be very rewarding to help people manage their time.

    I love Valentines day...the reason is our annual Valentines Ball for the mission sponsored by Woolworths. It is always a stunning evening, with wonderful food, dancing and beautiful people.


  4. Oh, I look forward to hearing how it goes with MIL babysitting! You will have to share all the details. We don't do much for Valentine's either, especially the last two years. : ) I think we are going to send the girls to Jeremy's mom next weekend and spend some time together. I am thinking shopping, a movie, and dinner!

    Business sounds like it's looking up! That's great!


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