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Hormones and birth control

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When I went to fill my prescription for my last set of birth control patches, the pharmacist told me that was the last of my "repeats".

I then emailed the gynae's receptionist (I love when people have email!) a few weeks later and asked for a new script.

They emailed it back to me a few days later because he wasn't available/ rushing/ had emergencies and so I still haven't taken it to the pharmacy.

I justified it like this - it's a good chance to give my body a break :)

So I don't know if this is in my mind or not but I seem to be sweating more now, without being on the patch. I haven't changed my deo or soaps, or anything. I googled but there is nothing on this side-effect...

However, they do say that there is increased weight gain and low s*x drive!

Hmmm, interesting.

I really would prefer to be on nothing but I do need to be on some form of birth control to control the endometriosis. Now that I'm not trying to have a baby, I really don't care to have an operation every 1 - 2 years like I had in the past.

I might just ask him to put me back on Yaz... I know I was thinner then. And so what if I'm a crazy woman 3 days a month, right? :)

What has been your best form of bc without too many side-effects?


  1. I have only ever used Diane. The best side effect - clear skin (and of course regular cycles, which come on time - I used to be very irregular, and never knew when it would "happen"). I went back onto it about 1.5 months after my boy was born (you know you can never be too careful... and with my luck I would probably have fallen pregnant naturally THEN), and since then experienced the worst blood sugar issues (I have type 1 diabetes). So now - I take the "active" pills only, and can break once every 4 months or so. Stopped last month for the FET, but went straight onto it again. I just love the "schedule"!

  2. I have a Mirena and it is just the best. No periods at all and I had it done in the gynae's rooms without any problems at all. It lasts 5 years.

  3. I have Mirena too and I love decision I've ever made!

  4. I liked the Nuva Ring because I was so horrible at remembering to take the pill. But now that I'm BFing again, I can't use teh ring and my only (medical) option is the pill, one safe for nursing moms. However, I not even on that right now. Let's just say we're taking our chances. With our MF IF and my lack of ovulation due to BFing, our chances are next to nothing :)

  5. I don't even bother. What are the chances?! I am horrible remember to take anything. I can't remember my vitamins!

    Although I think I'll start blaming this extra weight on BC! HA!

  6. I have used about 4 types of BCP, those patches that you speak about and the injection. On all of these types of BC I have had the weirdest side effects, including weight gain, headaches and serious loss of libido.
    I am currently using a copper IUD - similar to Mirena but without hormone stuff and I LOVE it. It lasts for 5 to 7 years. I will never go back to chemical birth control again.

  7. Mirena is wonderful!! I have never had many hormone issues, but I like that Mirena keeps everything pretty level, so there's no "crazy time". No period, either...which was strange for the first few months, but I adjusted quickly!

  8. the one year I was on it - because I was having a . every 10 - 15 days, anywhere from 3 - 8 days long. It was annoying and exhausting.

    Knowing what I know now - I would have cut the sugars and grains out of my diet and probably ended up much healthier - as it was, we moved twice in the middle of it and I ended up gaining roughly 60 lbs.

    I have had success with Wild Yam Root pills - but I took them to regulate and boost a pregnancy - not prevent one - also. I took them as soon as I ovulated and took them until I started. has an interesting article. Your case in complicated by the endometriosis though - and I've not read up on what he has to say about it.

    Of course, I'm all about natural health choices and herbal remedies (Tim not so much - he loved his "bad" foods too much).

    But I do believe people should be as informed as possible and research before making a decision, and then make the one that is best for THEM and their family. Even if I think it's the wrong one!


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