Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I lost a follower talking about church

On one level I hate it... even though I'm being authentic and on another level, I'm the teeniest bit tickled.

Because this means I'm being the slightest bit controversial.

Poor me - I so enjoyed seeing 70, a nice round number :)


So yesterday I went for my personal training session and the PT announces that that was our last session together.

Freak out!

Since I'm now starting to enjoy it - I like being pushed and challenged by the PT. Who knew?

Something to do with him getting into an argy-bargy with the gym manager over having to take unexpected time off because of his modelling.

Hate it!

And first thing this morning (well, for me, that's 9.15-ish) I get a call from a new, very perky personal trainer.

I don't do very perky - it exhausts me.

She already doesn't listen as I said twice that I train at 3.30 and she phoned me back a 2nd time to ask again.

On the bright side, I am really, really sore today and can barely walk.

I realised yesterday I'm getting stronger - it only took me 2 minutes to first feel some pain on the rowing machine and usually I feel pain within 10 seconds (no joke).

And I did "the plank" - where you prop yourself up on your elbows and your body is raised from the floor in a straight line - for a whole 30 seconds yesterday.

It's the small things, isn't it?


Right, the macaroni cheese.

Remember this is me - I don't measure, I just throw things in. I call it being creative.

Some margerine, flour, salt... make a paste.... add milk, stir, stir, stir and then I added 3 carrot cubes, pureed (I follow The Sneaky Chef so I always have green and orange cubes to make something more healthy) and about half a tub of low-fat cottage cheese (about 125 g/ 4oz), and then at the end some real cheese, I think cheddar. Salt and pepper to taste.

Hope that helps.

And Julia, I use chickpeas the same as I use kidney beans. I cook (too cheap to buy canned) about a cup of dried chickpeas/ kidney beans (a legume is a legume, right? :)) make a sauce with about 2 cans tomato, onions, mushrooms, something green (I like Swiss Chard), lots of garlic, salt and pepper, and a bit of sugar for all that tomato. A dash of worcestershire sauce and you're good.

We then eat this over pasta or baked potatoes and it is yum. I "invented" it after I had such a lot of veggies to get in me every day. One portion is easily 1 low fat protein and 2 - 2.5 veggies :)


It was this etsy seller's blog that had me up til 11.40 on Sunday night.

Can you guess what I bought from her shop?


And then, these are the little bags I bought from this shop.

And now, back to work :)

How's your week going so far?

P.S. I get so frustrated when people leave cryptic messages on FB and when you ask about it, they're all "oh can't/ don't want to talk about it". Then don't say it. Or is this just Curious George Marcia?


  1. NO! And you deleted your blog post...why?

    You are who you are and you should not be ashamed of it and you have the right to write about anything that you want to on your blog...it is YOUR SPACE.

    Don't let anybody get to you...just be yourself.

  2. I'm a new reader of your blog - thus you now have a round number of 70 readers ;)
    Good work on the exercising. That plank is definetely something else :)

  3. Ag bugger them - I talk church as well

    And thanks for the recipies.

  4. I just got on a FB tangent this morning (in my head!). I am so tired of people posting song lyrics. I'm not talking about links to youtube, or something, but snippets of lyrics as their status. Those seem really cryptic a lot of the time, and often pretty disturbing. I see a lot of tortured love song lyrics, and - if I didn't know they were lyrics of some sort - I would be worried that that person was about to inflict some harm to him/herself. Strange...

  5. I agree, it's your space. We're not church people, we're not religious people. I actually am opposed to organized religion, but I still read your post and I still love you and your blog!

    All your gym talk coupled with DH's desire to work out is really making me feel like the bum I am! I need to get myself up and moving! I am with you on the super perky, I think I'd be to agitated to work out with her.

    The mac-n-cheese is definitely on my to-do list! I'm so excited. As for FB, it's starting to exhaust me. I find myself blocking people's posts. No need to stir up drama!

  6. Did I miss a post?? Not the church nursery post, right? I didn't find anything controversial at all there!

    I am SO bothered by people who post cryptic status updates on FB. You KNOW they want people to ask, wonder, or discuss what is going on with them or they wouldn't mention it at all! My BF is bad to do that...I've never said anything, but it drives me NUTS.

  7. oh, "argy bargy" is a fabulous phrase! i had to look it up. i will be using that from now on!

    and i agree with lynette! this is your world and you have the right to write whatever you wish here. i lose followers and subscribers all the time -- we can't be everything to everyone. and it looks like your loyal readers totally enjoy their time here, and what could be better than that?

    hugs! :)

  8. I lost followers when I talked about abortion. Sigh.

  9. Wait...you deleted the post? Don't do that!

    I hate elbow plank.

    I'll bet you didn't buy the yoga thing from the etsy shop!

  10. I asked my cousin to be my personal trainer. He said yes but is taking long to get back to me. So now I am going to the Granny aerobics class starting tomorrow. Surely it can't be that hard right? These are women who have had hip replacements and so on. Anyway, this will just be to kickstart my exercise routine.

    Thanks for your chickpea ideas. Going to try your one with the baked potato. I made chickpea curry last night. Was delish.

  11. ps...people that do that on FB annoy me. In fact, I realized today (after going onto FB for the first time since last week) that FB annoys me. So boring. I have totally not missed anything.


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