Monday, February 21, 2011

It's good to be back

pics taken at The Westcliff - Oct 2010 -
I LOVE the shutters and the little balconies!!!

I totally forgot to mention that my friend, Nat, had her 2nd baby boy on Friday. VBAC. She is a rock star! Baby 1 is only 19 months old (my kids are 17 days older) - imagine that!


This morning I woke up hardly able to talk.

I said, "K... Kendra" - she was scratching through my bag - and realised, oh no, this doesn't look good.

The voice returned but my nose has not stopped pouring the whole day.

Good thing I had lots of work on deadline so I was forced to be still and work today. My bin with tons of tissues is evidence.

I had to cancel my session with Sara (personal trainer) and moved it to Wed. I pre-paid my sessions so am not wasting money!

I did all that because I had my first talk tonight for my ministry group at church and I didn't want to jeopardise it.

The last time I was involved in ministry was just before my first IVF, in about June-July 2008, so 2.5 years. Feels like forever.

I believe God's gifted me to inspire and encourage others so this is my service to the church. I'm doing a monthly talk on organising (a different aspect every month) and then we will keep in contact through the month with small (tiny) weekly challenges.

My MIL kindly told me that I might not have a good turnout as there was a conflicting meeting tonight.

She was right but I believe that the people who were meant to be there, would be there.

They were and we were 10 in total.

A lovely size group actually (I like 8 and up).

I was all sniffly and sneezy right up until the talk and then when I was walking to the parking lot, it started again.

I hadn't even noticed but all the sniffles and sneezes totally stopped during the 1.5 hours. Amazing, right? I love it when God engineers things like that.

The group itself was varied - men and women - with all sorts of challenges. I even have a perfectionist to confessed to having loads of laundry everywhere because she's the only one who can iron properly :)

D always says I'm on a high afterwards so I decided to quickly write this blog and send a few emails even though I'd purposely planned to do nothing else tonight.

How was your Monday?

P.S. I'm off to take my beloved Degoran now, my fail-safe solution to colds and flu. What is your tried and trusted solution?


  1. It makes my heart smile to hear you so happy about speaking, and on one of your great passions, too. :) So glad it went well and you enjoyed yourself!!!

  2. I absolutely loved reading this post. And I love that you know that you are clearly following your calling and being obedient about it. I obviously have so much to learn still. So happy you enjoyed it.
    I like Advil CS and I usually combine it with a good cough mixture. My other favourite is Flusin effervescent. But, you can't take that one if you must drive or work because it makes you very sleepy.
    Hope your symptoms clear up soon enough.

  3. Glad you're feeling better.
    Well done re the talk. I think 10 is an awesome group size, at least it's personal

  4. I'm glad you weren't discouraged and followed through. I think I would like to hear you speak, you are always so passionate. I'm sure your message is well received in a smaller group, I feel less is usually accomplished in large crowds.
    My Monday was spend hauling DH to and from the dentist and trying not to be too upset at the cost. Then it was taking care of him; the bigger they are the harder they fall!
    As for the colds, I am rather anti-medicein. I hate how they take me for a loop. If I must, I will take Alka.Seltzer Cold and Flu but that is only after I'm nearly dead and can't pull myself from bed.

  5. Oh I have the sniffels too and I like Flusin with Sudafed.

    I love how you serve through your knowledge in your church.

  6. my monday sucked. I've had a headache since Friday and I feel as wilted as a salad leaf left out in the afternoon sun.

    Yesterday it rained, so Nicola didn't get to play outside. So there I was just trying to keep my head from exploding and she's bouncing of the walls and rubbing mash potato into the rugs.

    Oh well, we live to fight another day right?

  7. this home very sweet and lovely . i loved its home .fantastic this post and nice details shared in the post . i like that and great idea .....

  8. I just love reading that you also believe in God. So refreshing. No one ever talks about God anymore. Such a shame.

  9. OH dear, I hope you are feeling better. It is wonderful to be able to move within your gifting...such a blessing for you and for those that you touch.


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