Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mummy, wake up!

I've mentioned before that D has the early shift with the babies since 5:30 feels like the middle of the night for me.

He gives them their bottles and most days they settle in for another lie-in and then the three of them get up at around 6:15 - 6:30.

I sleep til V arrives at 7:30 and on weekends, D lets me sleep til about 7:50, just enough time to wake up and go make their breakfast, unless it's oats, in which case he makes it.

We are still using the notebook and every evening I write down all the meals for the next day so he knows.

He is awesome, isn't he?
Anyway, so by the time I wake, the kids are wide awake, have had their nappies changed and are wearing their clothes for the day (I set these out too) so they're all perky early birds around their sound asleep mother.

D then lets them come into our bedroom to wake me.

This is how they do it:

Kendra immediately goes to fetch my flip flops (or slippers) and brings them to me, dumps them on my shoulders and says, "Mummy!!!! Shoes, shoes!"

She is obsessed with shoes and doesn't even like me to walk barefoot in the house. Most times I humour her but sometimes it is just too hot!

Connor heads straight for my bedside table and takes my two rings in the one hand and my glasses in the other and comes to dump them on my face, saying, "Mammy! (it went from Mum-mum-mum to Ninnie to Mimi to Mammy (he's a little Irish boy!) - he's enjoying trying out different sounds all the time now - and then he makes kissy sounds.

It is so cute I can't stand it - my heart literally feels like it wants to break from joy.

So yes I have 4 little hands in my face (I can't stand people touching my face normally) but all in all, not a bad way to wake up every morning.

P.S. D and I had a lovely lunch today - the talking, that is - and "quickly" dashed into CNA (stationery store - my weakness) for elastic bands (I will share my little project when I make some more) where I emerged with R250 worth of stationery. I am baaaaaad. But I do like pretty!

P.P.S. If anyone South African is interested in that s*x book, I've just listed my copy on for R70 plus postage (around R30). Contact me if you want to buy it.


  1. So cute! Our girls do this to Jeremy every morning. Since he works until 1 a.m., he is asleep when they first get up. They love to yell at Daddy to "wake up!". (He sleeps hard, so they know they have to be loud--ha!)

  2. LOL and Deanna, this morning Connor got my bra from the chair and brought that to me too!

  3. Ag, how sweet this is.
    I usually let my daughter in the bedroom after bathing in the mornings, to wake up her daddy. She gets into the bed with her daddy and then start touching his nose, mouth and then talking without stopping. This is usually where he can't sleep further :)

  4. So sweet...amazing how things you don't like (in your case touching your face) no longer matter with your little ones. So sweet.

  5. Very cute. My son says "Mommy, wake up" - he actually raises his voice and pulls off the blankets. And then he passes me my glasses.
    Sometimes he actually won't wake me and then he'll just crawl into bed with me. I LOVE it!

  6. Just love the way they wake you up, it's too cute! And Connor bringing you your bra is so funny...


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