Saturday, February 05, 2011

Not so perky

I met the new personal trainer yesterday and had my first session with her.

Her name's Sara, by the way.

And... thankfully she is not as perky as she appeared on the phone.

She is VERY young though (around 22 - I will ask as I get more comfortable with her) and full of energy.

I sent her the goals I'd sent through before but amended them slightly to be a bit more specific. And this time I took out all mentions of me doing yoga :)

She weighed me and............. I've lost 1.9 kg in the 11 days since I'd last been weighed.

I can't really see it but my pants have felt more loose.

Onwards and upwards :)

4 sessions down; 20 to go (or at least that's what I'm telling myself) to get to all my goals.

Although I am loving working out with someone pushing and challenging me.

I'm such a group person that I've never been able to work out by myself because I find it dead boring.

But with her next to me and us chatting ... and her encouragement - it feels totally different.

And of course, I'm not tempted to slack off because I think of my thin (Thailand) self and push through.

I can see how some people become addicted to working with a personal trainer. Really I can.

There's a lady who works at our company (mid-forties) who has a truly
GORGEOUS body. Good legs, b**bs, and toned, but not overly so.

Apparently she'd been training with personal trainer number 1, 3 times a
week for the last year.

I tried to justify it and said to him, "she's been thin way before
that" but I get that the reason she continues with him is so she doesn't ever
slack off. And can keep that gorgeous, toned body.

The only thing that puts me off is spending all that money.

BUT I have to remind myself that I'm getting results and I wasn't doing that before even though I knew how to do all the exercises.

And that is worth every single rand.

I suppose it's like when people coach with me - some of the things they do know to do, they're just not doing it. Like my two clients writing their books. They have the expertise, I just coach them around working their time better and so on... and those books are done.

I think it's because if you know you're paying, you're going to darn well do all your homework and you will get results :)

And now I need to go make a salad to go with the tuna and rice bake I made earlier :)


Oh, I do a thing on the organising blog where I choose 4 organising tasks for the month (one per weekend). They can be small things like tidy up a pile of paper or bigger things like sorting through the babies' summer or winter clothes or even the dreaded decluttering your wardrobe.

Whatever takes your fancy.

So who's joining me? Write a post on your blog and set your intention with the 4 tasks. And then do one small thing this weekend.

Tomorrow I will post my "after" pics (because I forgot to take "before" pics) and you can all link up.

And now I really need to go make that salad!

P.S. I wanted to post a pic but I'm on the slowest computer in the world as mine is at the computer place and I am pulling out my hair.........


  1. So glad you're feeling good and enjoying working out. :)

    I am looking forward to the girls being a little older so I can get back to the gym. I have never been a work-out person as far as machines go (I'd rather walk / jog / do aerobics at home), but I am seriously missing racquetball!!! I think slamming that tiny ball against the glass as hard as I can would feel pretty good most days!!! :)

  2. Confession-I've never been to the gym in my adult life!

    That being said, I'm with Mandy (maybe it's a Mandy thing LOL) on being anti-machine! It makes me feel a bit like a hamster. I would love to take a class or play on a team. I think if I could practice alongside the local high school field hockey team this summer/fall I would be set!

  3. Love the fact that you don't want to kill your may actually end up liking her!

    I have never worked with a trainer, but I think it might be good for me too...especially after working with the physical therapists.

  4. So funny--I HATE the group exercises and LOVE the solo workouts. Could do yoga and pilates everyday. I haven't tried a personal trainer, but I have been thinking about it. Like you, it's the money that puts me off.
    I cleaned out an entire dresser, filled up 4 bags with old clothes and hand bags, am taking them to the local Goodwill store, putting the dresser in the garbage and moving the kid's bookshelf from the living room to the bedroom. The dresser is empty...but heavy. So I have to wait for backup to finish the project!!
    So weekends I get a lot done. Others, none. That's the way it goes.

  5. Great to hear you're enjoying your workout so much. Keep going at it.
    4 things to do this month .. will think about it and blog

  6. Ha! I am so glad to hear Mandy say she'd never been to the gym in her adult life...I thought it might just be me! I used to get all the exercise I needed just from walking around the neighborhood, but it's not so easy to do that anymore. I will eventually have to figure out some sort of alternative. Glad you're liking the trainer! Who knows? It might be something you want to keep in the budget for awhile.

    I like the idea of picking four goals for the week/month. I might do a post sometime this week with some goals for myself. (I pretty much avoid the computer on the weekends, so I'm just now catching up!)


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