Monday, February 14, 2011

Showing myself some love

Sooooooooo, it's Valentine's Day.

Clearly most people are a-crafting and a-baking because the internet is quiet except for all things Valentine.

My big question with all the seasonal decor is always this - WHERE oh WHERE do you store all these things?

I am the only one wearing red today (a red jacket over a black skirt and top - I have one other red item of clothing and of course, all those red bags!), D and the babies are in normal clothes, although K is in hot pink, so I think that counts.

Last week I wore a red skirt and jacket that I actually love but...

I was so uncomfortable the entire day (I kept tugging at the skirt to pull it down) and then eventually I remembered - hey! one of the items on my list is to only wear clothes that make me feel good, so out they went.

I'm thinking of it as "I showed myself love that day".

Well, today I showed myself some more love by finally starting another private blog, Marcia Unplugged :)

If you want to read along (first post is up), leave me your email address and I'll add you but please only people I don't know in real life.

How did you show yourself love today (or this weekend)?


  1. I would love to read please!

    My idea of love right now is sleep. In fact, my husband asked what I wanted for valentines and that was my answer ;)


  2. I stopped at Starbucks this morning on the way to day care so that I could start off Jon's trip right!

    Add me! Laura.Case at gmail

  3. I really need to figure out storage for holiday things.

    I bought the stuff to make Valentine's cupcakes and totally haven't even bothered.

  4. Jeans and t-shirt for me today! The girls are in red and pink. I had every intention of making them a shirt off Deanna's blog but I wasn't up to it this weekend. Instead I have busied myself today with making bread and heart shaped brownies. Tonight we are having fondue but that is as far as it goes here.

  5. Hey, I would love to be included.

  6. I only gave hubby is Valentine cookie - we don't celebrate Valentines day.

  7. Yes me too:

    I must admit, with us being so busy, i totally forgot about Valentines Day :-(

  8. We also dont do V-day...

    Do you consider me as someone you know or dont know in real life? :) Would love access to your other blog, you have my email addy.

  9. I took a bath with a glass of wine and Kindle...guess a night alone has become just as romantic as a night out to dinner with Husband!!!

  10. I forgot about Valentine's day... But so did my husband! Add me too please - assweetsasitgets at

  11. Please add me...


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