Thursday, February 17, 2011

A sliver of hope

Hope is such a wonderful thing - it can perk you up when things feel blah and dull.

Yesterday I went into the pause area we share with two other departments on this floor and this one lady, who is known for her tactlessness, rubbed her tummy, looked at me with eyes raised and said meaningfully, "how ARE you?"

I was very insulted and said, "no, A, I'm not pregnant" and off I stormed.

(it is funny now I think about it but at the time I was miffed)

Then my lovely friend, Natalie, came to have a coffee with me (why do we say "coffee" when we actually drank water? Lest you think we're saints, we had carrot cake and a muffin) and she told me that I was looking lovely (thinner) and lots of other nice things.

So I cheered up a bit.

But then, last night after my Zumba class at the gym, I went to weigh myself on those machines that take your BP and body fat too.

This is my weekly ritual so that I have a record of my weight progress.

And............ the scale read 59.8.

It must have been a mistake as that is 2 kg less than I actually weigh.

So I jumped off and got on again.

Still 59.8.

I still think that scale was faulty but it was a lovely little glimmer of hope to keep pressing on toward my health and fitness goals.

Also, my calves are already looking better and my arms are slightly less flabby!

What do you need to feel hopeful about today? Share in the comments.

P.S. I'm going to be in a real print book on motherhood (who would have thought?!) that will come out in May. I wrote my piece last night, D is editing it and I will submit tonight.


  1. Hi M. I feel hopeful about my weight loss. I joined Weight Watchers last week, and lost 1kg in my first week. Also started going back to gym this week. I already feel much slimmer, more energetic & more comfortable in my clothes! Well done on your weight loss and personal training accomplishment!

  2. Great weight-loss! For me just one night of good sleep. And a happier L.

  3. I did a Zumba class with all my kids last week... just mad fun!!! Lots of love!!!

  4. Wow 2kg is a lot to lose without knowing it;-D

    Congratulations on your piece in a REAL BOOK. Are you going to post it here so we (your faithful readers) can have a peek?

  5. Guys!!!!

    I think that scale is wrong - honestly!

    Lynette, I'm actually going to post it on the private blog tonight :)

  6. I am hopeful because we are having the most gorgeous weather this week!!! After weeks and weeks of SNOW, we have beautiful sunny skies, and warm enough (for me!) to wear flip-flops. I've had the girls out every day for a's fantastic!!! It's amazing how much fresh air does a body good!!!

    And congrats on the book contribution...that's awesome!

  7. Congrats on the book contribution and on the weight loss. A loss is a loss, remember?
    I feel hopeful about my weigh loss. I am actually going to be thin. And healthier. And more energized. And fitter.

  8. That's awesome!!!! Congrats!


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