Thursday, February 03, 2011

So, the paediatric dietician and Big, Hairy, Travel dreams

We had the appointment with the dietician yesterday to discuss the children's eating and weight "issues".

I only made one appointment because I am cheap and practical - I reasoned that anything she said I would be applying to both of them anyway.


D was not so sure about my frugality (hey - I have a bond to settle this year :)) so I texted the lady and said, "which baby should I bring? the smaller one or the one who has lost the most weight?"

She said as long as I have their growth charts, I don't need to bring either of them.

But we took Connor since he is the baby who lost the most weight and has never, up until now, had an issue.

Kendra has been a skinny little thing from the get go.

She was lovely (I will tell you later how she is my favourite person at the moment) and set us at ease.

I'll admit to having a bit of a chip on my shoulder going in.... I am nothing if not self-aware.

Anyway, we discussed their eating habits, what times they eat, and how much, and the variety of foods, etc, etc. (I brought two of the notebooks with me to help jog my memory) and how much milk, what kind they drink, etc.

Therein lies the problem.

They are apparently drinking too little milk! They have 250 - 300 ml a day. Plus another 125 - 150 ml in cereal when they don't have oats.

And she said they probably should have stayed on formula past the 12-month mark. They are on full cream cow's milk.

I am not even thinking about how all these experts differ in opinion as I do NOTHING without Dr S's say-so.

Moving along.

She wants them on 500 ml of milk daily. But... Pediasure or Nutrigen (sp?) Junior, not cow's milk.

That's when I was pleased I didn't bring baby 2 for a second consultation fee :)

Then onto their eating.

Well... their eating is perfect.

Surprisingly so for toddlers.

And then she said the thing which makes her my current favourite person.

"You should write a book"

We both laughed.

"I'm absolutely serious," she said, "your kids eat really well and you're clearly doing things in a really good way"

Oh, I beamed.

Hopefully she doesn't say that to all the moms.

Also, she's also a mom of twins (4-year-old girls) but like you, Cat, a singleton and then twins.

She said at the end of the appointment that this is still a really hard stage - apparently from 3, it's all sunshine and roses :)

I, of course, said, "NOTHING could ever EVER be as bad as the newborn stage"

Oh, by the way, Connor has gained a lot of weight this month already - he is now exactly 11 kg. Up from 10.63 kg on 7 Jan.

We see her again in 3 months time at which point I am certain we will be back on the growth curve track.... right?


These pics are still from the beach shoot. I like to look at things that make me happy and the beach makes me happy.

One of my Mondo dreams is to live on the beach for a month... right on the beach, no faffing around with cars and sand in cars (hate!) ... I said to MandyH I would have to take V or rent a nanny to make it truly relaxing :)

To make it a true BHAD, I would go to Thailand.... mmmmm.

What is just ONE of your Big, Hairy, Audacious TRAVEL Dreams?

P.S. To see some Thailand pics, go look at my travel blog header - francoisfamily dot blogspot dot com :)


  1. I try not to fret too much about the differing of opinions amongst professionals as to what is best for my toddler and then my clinic sister said the wisest thing to me: "If she's still sleeping through the night then she's not hungry".
    Having said that, 250 - 300ml's of milk a day is quite a little.

    As for my big, hairy, travel dreams well I have a few:
    1. Italy! I want to do a (childfree) tour of the Italian country side. I want to stay in Tuscan villa's, eat genuine Italian pasta & pizza, smoke real Italian cigarettes and take long bike rides through the olive groves!
    2. I am DETERMINED to take a trip to Club Med, Mauritius for my 40th next year with all my friends! Why Club Med you ask? Well because of their Kids Club!
    3. I want to go to Tasmania! And with our plans to emigrate to Oz now in full swing, that is looking more and more like a possibility for the future!

  2. Sharon, LOVE your travel dreams - esp Italy....I regret not going to Tasmania when we visited Oz 7 years ago.

    Dr S said 300 ml to me, Toddlersense lady said 250 ml.... so confusion... anyway, the proof is in their weight, isn't it?!

  3. What a cool compliment from the dietitian about you having to write a book. Good for you that you are taking such good care of your children. Many parents don't (food wise).

  4. I'd be interested to see hwta would be in that book of yours! :) I am always looking for new ways to get my kids to eat a bigger variety of food.

    As for the milk - I'm glad she found such an easy solution. 300ml is very little, at least for us, where my pedi says never below 16 oz (which I think is almost 500ml).

    As for my BHAT dream, I would say spending a month in the Greek islands. I'd really like to see the Hagia Sophia, over in Turkey, so I'd work that in while I'm over there. Or a month on one of those tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific where they have huts over the water. I'm a sand and surf kind of girl, I guess.

  5. I LOVE that you were beaming...well deserved! :) :) And I hope your "fix" is as simple as milk / formula. Sounds like everything else is going really well!

  6. Just quickly popping in to say hi...been so busy no time to read blogs :-(

    Be back soon... :-)

    And PS. Yay on the book comment :-)

  7. So what is the difference between a Mondo dream and a BHTD?
    I also have a few BHTD's
    1. South America - Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba. It just seems like there is so much soul there.
    2. USA - Just because. I would love to do one of those 3month road trips.
    3. India - I have read quite a few books in the last while and the more I read about it the more fascinated I become. Very much want to go to GOA.
    4. Greece.
    Am glad that you found a reasonable solution. We also did two bottles a day which basically equals 500ml per day. And I still use follow-on formula for my 3yr old. He seems to like the Nido so we'll just stick to it for so long.

    ps...I hope you told the lady that you ARE currently writing a book??

  8. I was thinking my boys drink too much milk- they drink whole milk- probably a gallon every two days between them.

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  10. Glad to hear the visit went well. Ava still has 500ml of milk a day plus milk in her cereal and a yoghurt and she weighs a ton IMHO so sure that will sort your 2 out quickly. My Toddler sense book definitely says 500-600ml of milk for the 18-24 month period.
    Travel plans are a trip to the USA at the end of 2012. My older brother lives there (in Tucson) and will be moving back to Australia in 2013. Kids will go with this time. Eek. My mom will go with me and then Chris and my dad will join us later. My younger brother is a paediatric surgeon and is going to be spending a year in the USA from June 2012 so we will all be there together for Christmas and will then do a ski trip and go and visit our very,very good friends that live in Hawaii!! Already I can't wait. We have done the east coast of USA, so this time we want to do the West Coast - wine country, San Diego, Rockies,etc (haven't completely planned it yet) and while we're skiing my folks will take the kiddies to Disneyland. Our girls will be almost 6 and 3,5 so I'm sure they'll love it and enjoy the time with their cousins. I'd also love to go to Italy but think we'll wait till the kids are much older so they will appreciate it all. For our 10th wedding anniversary in 2013 Chris has promised me a trip to the Maldives. The USA trip might mean that we need to delay that one till the end of 2013 or maybe we could do that for our 40th birthdays in 2016.

  11. You should seriously consider writing that book...this dietician would be the ideal one to market it for you;-D

    I would love to go on a LOOOONNNGG cruise of 3 weeks in the Mediteranean and among the Greek Islands...I DO hope it doesn't remain just a dream.

  12. I can promise you that up until now our year of being 3 has been super tough - not moonlight and roses. But with the Princess from4 was great for me, so hold on to 4 I would say.

    I would just love and island holiday with only me and the hubby. Or 3 weeks in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

  13. Big travel dream - I've always wanted to do a Holy Lands tour - a nice long one.

    I someday want to do a cruise.

    I want to visit great places of history all over the USA.

    I have no idea how much milk LaRue drinks - she still nurses anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes - about 6 times a day, and often once at night, almost always about 5am.

    And if he was already back gaining weight, maybe the worming or back to his old routine already was helping????

    And I want to take my kids with me when I travel - I LOVE seeing the wonder through little eyes.

    But right now, I want more than anything for Tim to be OK and to come home. But life will never be the same again.


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