Saturday, February 19, 2011

So what do you call your husband/ wife?

I worked for a woman once who sat right next to my desk so I overheard most of her personal conversations.

In those days I worked so hard (I honestly have never worked as hard as I did then - I was definitely overworked and underpaid) that I couldn't even take a quick tea break to avoid all that.

Anyway, she used to say, "hello, Dad" and I'd think how nice.

But when this Dad business carried on and on, I eventually twigged that this was her husband, and not her father.

That's when I vowed never to call D, "Dad".

I call D "D" - it's funny because a lot of my friends do too, and yet no-one else does, except for his sister and our very good friends in London. And Baby (not as often now because of the babies), and D___ when he's not paying attention.

The thing I most call the babies is Pumpkin. It's quite funny when I say, "eat your peas, Pumpkin" or similar things. D laughs at me.

I call K "Baby" and C "Little Guy" other than their names, again a lot of the time when they're not listening (see the pattern???)

So what do you call your husband/ wife? And what do you call your baby(ies)?


  1. My hubby and I call each other "Babe" most of the time. In fact, once we asked our son what my real name was and he said, "Babe?" :)

  2. Oh wow. We have so many names in this house for each other and the babies!
    Chicken and I call each other Puffer sometimes. Or muffin, honey, babe. I do call her by name on the phone or when we're alone BUT I do call her mama in front of the boys because that's what I want them to learn.
    We call the boys by their names alot, but they are also known as Mini Poopers, Noggin Boppers, Mr, Thing One and Thing Two, Gorgeous, Mi Amour, Mr. Handsome, and Stinker.
    There are probably more...

  3. I agree with you. Calling your husband "Dad" or "Pappa" is just not right. I know in the old days most couples would've called their partner "Mom" or "Dad" but these days it just don't work.
    I call my husband "skattebol" or "gog" (in English the second one is bug).
    My children is "kinderkind" and "patata" (sweet potato).

  4. We're not huge on cutesy nicknames. Not that I'm opposed to baby or studmuffin, but we knew each other for so many years as friends before we ever got together. It didn't seem natural. So, because Jesse is his name, I call him Jes for short. So do any other immediate family members, like both of our parents and siblings. He just calls me Mandy. When I'm being really playful, I'll call him honey, but I do it in a really soft, cutesy voice. Josiah, I call baby quite a bit. My mom used to tell me when he was a newborn that he was going to grow up thinking that was his name. We also call Josiah stinker sometimes. And because I'm with my cousins Jaydon and Zoe every single day, caring for them. I call Jaydon "buddy" and Zoe "baby" or "Zo" (without the "e" sound).

  5. I call him Aaron or sometimes honey or hon. The kids- they have a thousand nicknames each- but everyone goes primarily by their real name.

  6. Oh I call him quite a few things, many of them are not always so nice! We have a friend of the family, they are in their 70's now, and I was always confused as to why she called her husband father. Although with the age gap in our relationship, DH could be my father! HA!

    For pet names it's usually hon(but not the Baltimore hun) or babe. I almost never use his full name. Interestingly enough I do call him Captain, as in my other blog!

  7. TF and I call each other Person, or laf when writing to each other. He uses my name more often than I use his. And when I'm cross with him, I refuse to call him anything, even by his name...

    I call A1 Gogga, Sunshine or Boudes (bums) and he responds to all 3. A2 is known as Monster. He laughs every time I call him that. Bearing in mind, he only almost 6 months now.

  8. Ooh I can't stand people who call their wife "mummy" or their husband "dad"! Yugh!

    My hubby and I call each other Fishy, and this has sparked an entire language. Now I know you're probably thinking, OMG that's just as revolting, but it's very private and special to us. We avoid using these special names in public. But our close family is familiar with it, and seemingly happy about it :)

  9. I call Chris "Babe" or Chris and I call the girls by their names Zoe and Ava mostly but sometimes sweetheart or angel.

  10. I do not like Husband's first name (I don't even know why I don't like it), but that's typically what I call him. To the point where the Crazies actually call him by his first name on occasion.

    I call the Crazies "Big Guy" and "Little One." I can't help suits them perfectly.

  11. I call him Honey. He calls me Sweetie. In fact, there was a time when the kids would call him Honey too - when they were learning to speak. He did not mind it so much and it was a big joke until they started calling him Honey in public. Then he insisted that I correct them.
    Our oldest boy is Boy or Sweetie Pie. And our Toddler is Pumpkin or Baby or Boytjie.

  12. You know, come to think of it, growing up I remember my Mom calling my Dad, "DAD". Perhaps it's a generation thing? She doesn't do it anymore though and I have to say that I haven't heard anyone refer to their husbands as DAD for a long, long time.

  13. This was a fun read. I loved the comments even more. I call my DH fact I pretty much call all my loved ones Bokkie.

  14. I try to mostly call Nicola by her name (at least until she properly gets the hang of what it is) but every now and then a "liefiekind" or "angelface" sneaks in.

    As you know, her dad's MIA so I don't really call him anything but missing. ;-)

  15. Since I have a serious time remembering names of any kind ... name calling is quite funny at our house. After nearly 21 years of marriage - I still occasionally give Tim a totally blank look in the middle of talking to him... he laughs and says, "Don't worry - I'm still Tim - I haven't changed my name yet."

    So glad my family has a great sense of humor about it all ...

    and once in a while I even forget that my name is .... uh .. oh yeah, Rachel!

    But usually Tim is .. sweetie, honey, sugarbuns, honeypi, lover, hugmuffin...

    Kendra is Peter Pan, Tigger, buglet, ladybug, funny girl, silly, muffin head (or was that Vannan?), frizzy (even though her hair really isn't THAT frizzy), and skatterbrains.

    Vannan is Tinkerbell, Piglet, doodlebug, turtlegirl, sweetenpi, V, bunny, horsegirl, big sister, ...

    Joel is loverboy, snugglebritches, Poley, Roleypoley, JoelyPoley, JP, ...

    LaRue is usually Ruezy or RuezyK, cutiepi, mischiefhead, and Little Miss Full of It.

  16. Anonymous1:01 pm

    My hus band bunz calls me wifee bunz. When we write notes we address eachother as hunny

  17. Delayed response as I just saw this in your "popular posts" list in the side bar. I call my husband "mine", which can get confusing (for others) if we happen to be in a bigger group of people.

    My parents called each other Mine, too, so I think it just seems natural for me as a term of endearment. He is mine after all.

    Less often there's babe or love. The dogs (our only kids for the moment) are often Pumpkin or Sausage-Pie... haha

  18. Anonymous5:35 pm

    Sometimes "honey-peaches-pumpkin-pie"...

  19. I just saw this is your "best of" posts - super cute and the comments are hilarious.

    I address my husband by his whole name: B--- J---. I don't know why - I just do. Most of the time, though, it's just "Hey...."

    Even though I refer to the kid as "Mellow" on my blog, he will also go by his whole name (I've never actually called him "Mellow," but would call him Marshmallow as a baby): Marshall J----. I probably call him this more than anything else, but "Peanut" and "Goober" get thrown in there quite a lot!

  20. Such a funny post!

    I call D D... and he calls me by my name. When we are annoyed with each other, we both resort to Dear in a very sarcastic tone.

    As for teh girls, they have a ton of nicknames. Babe, love, honeypie, munchkin and and and. Plus their names are nicknamed in a hundred different ways too!

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