Thursday, February 10, 2011

A successful lunch

Thank you for your fantastic comments and the emails on the s*x post. I laughed so loud at some of them and wow - some of you are doing very well at 3 X a week (tell your partners how lucky they are!!!)


On Sunday after church we whizzed all the way to The Flowerspot to see if they had some things to pretty up my life.

I came out with 4 rolls of satin ribbon and 2 packs of brown paper bags. I just can’t seem to resist brown paper bags.

They’re just so useful as a quick gift bag and if you add a nice bright ribbon, they look very pretty.

D and I decided on the way over that we’d eat lunch out since it would be 1 pm and my kids are very punctual with the eating and sleeping (they impose it on us, not the other way around).

It would be cute if it weren’t so annoying sometimes. Kendra comes to us and signs that she’s hungry and then Connor follows suit. On the bright side, at least they sign and don’t just scream, right?

So we went to the Mugg and Bean and I’d organised the high chairs and ordered their meals before D and Kendra even got to the table :)

They had a meal called a Funny Face which is French toast in the shape of a circle, a sausage (for the smile) and bits of grated cheese for the hair.

Connor polished off his food and then started on mine.

Kendra also ate most of hers (about 90%) and then we gave the remainders to Connor.

D and I were incredulous (someone said to me the other day, “who says incredulous?” I said, “I DO!”) at how well-behaved they were.

We’d stopped taking them out for about 2 months after a disastrous lunch at Nino’s where they literally FLUNG pizza off their high chairs. D hates being embarrassed and it was BAD.

I don’t enjoy the bad behaviour but I do know I don’t have the naughtiest kids around so I'm quite relaxed about it.

We discussed our definition for success eating out as a family and came up with these three things:

· The children don’t whine and moan
· They eat at least 80% of their food
· Quick service

Isn't it amazing how low your expectations go?

What are your definitions for successful eating out?

P.S. Go read this fantastic post on eating out with twins. This was us for so long it's laughable only because we seem to be coming out of it. I wanted to link it as the blog post of the week on the multiples blog but that weekend they had some other link party.


  1. We've had a couple of good meals out lately. I laughed reading your note about lower expectations, though. It's definitely all relative! :)

    The past two meals out, we've just carried the girls' forks and let them eat off restaurant plates. They've done so well! They completely polished off a grilled chicken breast and steamed broccoli over the weekend. And we went to lunch yesterday - a VERY rare treat (J was home for a snow day). They loved a teriyaki chicken dish, with all the veggies, at our favorite sushi restaurant. I always take fresh fruit for them, and that is a great way for them to round out their meal (and for us to be hands free to finish ours!).

    It's not exactly "relaxing", per se, but it's such a nice break from the norm.

    And I love the word "incredulous". :)

  2. Successful eating out...not NEEDING to order more than one glass of wine!

    Haha...just kidding...actual eating is optional. Good behavior. No screaming. Following directions. Being polite to people working there. Staying in their seat.

    They are getting better at it...we try for once a week.

  3. One more thing...that is exactly how I "wrap" presents too. Keep it simple and you won't need 8,000,000 rolls of gift wrap hanging around your house (although I do have a bunch anyway)!

    Plus, the brown with a ribbon looks great. The Crazies can also decorate the bag with stickers if it's for a friend.

  4. I feel the same way....those 3 are my idea of a success eating trip! I sometimes wonder if I look like a pig inhaling my food, so I can be doe before it goes down hill. We all know once it goes own hill there is no turning back!

    btw- I ordered the book from your s*x post! I would be lying if I didn't say I was in that same boat!

  5. A successful lunch for us means the girls consumed at least something (preferably a vegetable or protein and not just dessert), I consumed at least most of what I wanted to eat, and the girls stayed in their high chairs for at least half the meal. They are really bad at sitting in their chairs in restaurants, which we are working on now.

    In the last few weeks, I have started leaving their backpacks with coloring books, crayons, stickers, and play-doh in the car for a little emergency entertainment. It has come in handy a few times!

  6. We are basically on the level of child friendly - if not, we do not go there. The boys are just too busy right now and do not sit still for very long. The Princess is another story and she can basically go anywhere. Literally.

  7. I am easy about where we go as long as it is a child-friendly place with healthy meal options for kids.

    ps..I love the word "incredulous"

  8. Successful eating out ... we do this usually on Sunday's, as it is just so much easier than packing a lunch and then lots of clean up to do later .. on day's we need to do errands while in town. We have a favorite place in town, and they treat us like family.

    Anyway, 1. No throwing food or tantrums. 2. Stay in seat. 3. Eat most of what is given. 4. Nobody threw up or blew out a diaper.

    Yeah, you can ask about that 4th one - I was SO embarrassed and freaked out!


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