Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two scales and two knocks

Apparently that scale was right.

Sara (PT) weighed me again today (I insisted because I wanted to know how bad it was going - my clothes don't feel much looser) and........... down 2.1 kg from 4 Feb (19 days).

I am over the moon.

I need to keep this up because the end is in sight.

I started personal training on 21 January and just over a month in, I'm 0.9 away from my pre-preg weight (I've lost a grand total of 4 kg so far) but 2.9 away from the weight I actually want to be.

(X 2.2 for pounds)

Things are looking up.


In other news, Connor fell on his head TWICE today.

Once this morning because he was jumping on the bed and lost his balance. This blurry pic (they just don't ever stop moving) was taken after fall number 1 (see cheek and top of head).

And then again, this evening, I told him, "no! no jumping on the bed". Well, he listened to that but I forget you have to be really literal.

He then jumped on the ottoman and off he went again.

This one was worse because he scraped that same side of his face even worse. The entire right side of his face is red and scraped. Looks terrible.

So far he seems alright but straight afterwards, I don't think he stopped screaming for 2 full minutes.

That's verrrrry long for me - I don't do well with screaming.

D asked me when he got home, "are YOU okay?" :)

I am now but was shaken at the time.

On the bright side, the last time this happened (two knocks on the head) also within 24 hours and then we had nothing for about 4 months.

New rules - they are again banned from my bedroom, this time for their own safety.

And now I have 3 blogs to write for the organising blog - I love batch blogging; it's so time efficient :)

What are you doing on this gorgeous rainy night?


  1. Reading your blog!!! Well done on the weight loss!!! :)
    P.S. Ask D what he would have done after the jumping on the bed incident after last night's talk!

  2. I am supervising my son doing his project. WE are making a Mummy Pharaoh in a Tomb and we are waiting for the gold paint to dry before we add some hieroglyphics. What a pain. While this is happening I am scanning the internet. It is quite hot in CT this evening and I would LOVE for it to rain.
    I hate when my kids fall and bruise themselves.
    Well done on your weight loss. Can't believe that you thought the scale was wrong.

  3. Hooray for losing weight! If only I could hire you to lose my weight too! I vote for Roz's idea, go ask D!!

    If it were gorgeous and rainy I'd have the windows opened listening to the rain fall in bed. Instead it is -2C and I'm fattening my thighs with some fresh baked cookies. Work left me frazzled tonight!

  4. Yay! That’s a great achievement! I’m on the weight loss path as well. I would love to have a personal trainer! I’ve been going to cardio classes which are fun but I’m sure I could benefit from a few tips from the personal trainer.

    Poor thing it looks like a pretty bad bump.

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  5. Wow you are doing well with the weight loss!

    And boys are just rough. That's it.

  6. My children, when they were smaller, also jumped on the bed and bumped their heads and sometimes even fell on the heads!!! I too had to warn so many times - but do they listen? No. Sigh!

  7. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    Your poor little boy, his face looks really sore!
    During the big rain storm last night, I was trading bbm pics of my Essie nail polish collection with another blog buddie, while giving myself a mani! :-)

  8. Oh boys...they always send us into a tizzy and continue to run around like little nutjobs! I don't let the Crazies into my room b/c it's mine...all mine. I am not good at sharing!

    Congrats on the weight must share some of your favorite exercises and, of course, your least favorite!

  9. Poor baby! I hate when they get hurt.

    Way to go on the weight loss! I am jealous :)

    PS. I opted for spaghetti and grapes for lunch during the evaluation. Figured it was a safe bet and I knew he would eat it!

  10. Well done on the weight loss...that is quick!

    I remember when my younger son fell again on his head for the umpteenth time...and we took him for xrays... the doc said kids are made to bounce. Boys are wild.

  11. Poor Connor!!! Ouch!!! I'm so fearing twin mobility.

    Most babysitters and daycares make you pay even if you're not there. We are really lucky to have a sitter who doesn't charge for time away. She was a teacher once, and I think she just understands how many days that would be.

    But I have in the past paid her for a few days that she didn't work, because when they are away for a long time I'm sure she takes a financial hit.

  12. My favorite part of this post is that I have been reading here long enough that I was pretty sure 2.2 was the multiplier for kg to pounds! See, reading blogs can make you smarter! : )

    Hope C is okay...if he's like my kids, he's forgotten about it already. They do like to talk about "boo-boos" a lot though.

    We are supposed to get lots of rain and thunderstorms tonight--yay!

  13. Poor Connor's head! How is it? Joel's "head" comes and goes with dings and bumps. In fact, when we had our car accident last year, he was already sporting a good sized bump on the back of his head from the week before, and a huge scrape (has a scar) down his forhead and between his eyes from jumping off the steps.

    My sister's boys always have numerous bumps and scrapes and bruises. LOL

    High 5 on loosing weight!


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