Monday, February 14, 2011

Unrequited love

We just had a Valentine's "do" at work.

They'd asked us to leave our love notes in boxes dotted around the building to be read out at lunch time.

Most of them were the usual silliness for some of the hot colleagues (there are two new guys who got quite a lot of love notes :)) but there was this one...

This girl wrote a whole page about how this guy started working with their department on something, how he stops to chat every day and how, if he thinks carefully, he'll know who the letter's from. And that she's been scared to tell him of her feelings or ask him out (as she's not that kind of girl - personally, I say, "go for it"), etc.

Very heartfelt.

I can't stop thinking about this girl.

I hope they get together and that he feels the same way.

So my colleagues and I are walking back and everyone is back to work.

I pipe up, "I can't stop thinking about that girl".

They all laugh and say I'm crazy.


Yes, I may just have an overactive imagination.

I call it seeing the fun in everyday situations.

What if he thinks it's girl number 2 and it's actually girl number 1? What if he knows who it is and doesn't like her? Or is just really stupid about the whole thing?

What if? What if?

I happen to know the guy in question and will be keeping tabs on it ;)

I only had one unrequited love incident in my life when I was about 14 - 15.

What about you?


  1. Awwww, I love things like this! I am a hopelss romantic! I hope it works out for this girl...keep us posted! :)

  2. Oh that is sweet. I would so wonder too.

  3. I hope this girl's love is answered;-D

    She had a lot of guts to write that note.

  4. How sweet! I am curious (okay, nosey!), so I would be dying to know what happened in their situation! Hope it works out for her. Wouldn't that be a great story if they end up together?

  5. mmm cupcakes. totally distracting me from the rest of the post...

  6. Those pictures are gorgeous. I hope that they get together. I am a sucker for love stories like this.
    And yes, I have had an unrequited love experience. Bad timing.
    I was into him. He wasn't interested. Eventually (after a long time) he showed interest. And then my DH came onto the scene. We just never had a chance.

  7. This sounds like a great premise for a chick flick! Keep us updated!


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