Friday, February 25, 2011

What's on your mind?


So I like the idea of clearing your mind on a Friday of all the little snippets. It's so satisfying like eating the last biscuit and throwing out the package (just for you, Mandy) :)

Here goes:

  1. I see that a lot of the home and decorating blogs look the same - same shape headers, same colour scheme... mostly (grey, yellow and turquoise is very popular), same type of background. What's with that?
  2. I'm thinking about doing a blurb book of my blog. Has anyone done this? How long did it take you to do on blurb? Will I have the patience??? Or maybe I should just do one with our travels?
  3. I am in love with coriander. I cut some up in my salad tonight and ..............YUM! What's your favourite fresh herb?
  4. The PT took my measurements today - I've lost a total of 6 cm all over my body - 1 around the b**bs (not needed), 2.5 on my thighs, 2 on my waist and I think 0.5 on my calves. I had a headache when I got there but that cheered me right up.
  5. D says to me earlier, "I'm so jealous of people whose kids don't have weight issues" I laughed so hard I nearly choked on my salad.
  6. I spoke to about 20 brokers today, one on one on the telephone. Gosh, it's been years since I did that and it was actually quite fun. I'm working on a project that is now at the stage I like - lots of action and deadlines.
  7. I've booked my leave for the end of April (about 10 days) for our annual anniversary trip and have no idea where to go. I want to drive, stay in a self-catering place and it should not be too far from Jhb. Any ideas? A beach would be nice but it's the start of winter here so maybe elsewhere is better...
What's on your mind this evening?


  1. Haha!!! We are eating coriander on everything!!! EVERYTHING!!! Not just a pinch either, by the handful!!! Otherwise our anniversaries practically overlap - how cool is that!!! And the weather in Cape Town is at its very best in April/May... the wind finally stops, the days are sunny but not sweltering and the evenings are cool enough to snuggle in with a good book... just saying - and not exactly driving distance, I know!!!

  2. Ha! Thanks!

    I can say that I've always loved grey and brown. I wonder what that says about my personality.

    That is my kind of anniversary! I am trying very hard to work up the courage to leave the girls overnight with my parents. Maybe that is what we'll do for our anniversary this year. The last two years we've been wrapped up in babies.

    My mind is trying to understand my husbands love of these ghost hunting shows... they're so theatrical and over produced.

  3. The only place I would recommend is Cape Town. I would love to go to that Elephant Sanctuary place -

    On my mind today:
    1. The 400g that I GAINED this week.
    2. Getting some reading done today.
    3. Menu plan for the week. I am going back to Step 1.
    4.Stepping up the hardly existent exercise.
    5.An appointment that I have scheduled for Tuesday. I am nervous.
    6.Cleaning my house today. It is making me sick.
    7.My Toddler that just won't.stop.whining. Eish...that whine is just tasting so sour.
    8.Figuring how I am going to pull off selling my car.
    9. Wondering if I should perhaps go to Church tomorrow. I am kinda missing it.
    10.Trying to figure out how I am going to afford to fix my leaking roof before Winter.

    As you can see I have a lot on my mind today. Maybe I should nap first. Things are usually clearer when I wake up from a nap.
    Sorry for this very long

  4. I love coriander!!! LOVE IT! How about Clarens? Blog to Blurb book...LOTS OF WORK AND TIME!!!

  5. That's what is wrong with Americans...we measure in inches and not centimeters!!! I would feel so much more accomplished if I measured in centimeters.

    Other than that, there's nothing wrong with American's, right? LOL

  6. End of April is great in Natal South Coast - great weather. We are going to Sanlammer for just 3 days but I am looking for a farm in the Berg for the rest. So many public holidays in that time.


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