Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blogger just ate my post

And I'm sitting here clicking "drafts" and "published" hoping it published or saved.


Very frustrated ... and it was a fairly long one, as is my custom.

Will have to retype tomorrow.

But here's the question I had for you -

what do you do when you run out of things between grocery shopping trips?

Do you make a separate trip, or just make do?

(I make do and was reminded again today exactly why I don't go to the shops mid-week)


  1. thing I am really working on right now is trying to make one shopping trip a week. I have started going on Sunday nights and so far, it is working out pretty well. The only thing is that I cook mostly on the weekends, so I'm shopping for what I will need the NEXT weekend. So I haven't got it all figured out yet, and small trips to the store are still necessary sometimes.

    The good thing about a small town is that even though we only have two real grocery stores and WalMart, neither are more than five minutes away! : )

  2. I go and grab it or Aaron will on his way home. We have stores like two seconds away though, so even if we need something in the middle of cooking it's not too bad to send one of us out to grab it

  3. I was wondering what regular people do. I work at a grocery cooking in the back, so I since I am there I am always picking up a few things. I work the weekends and Wednesdays so it's perfect to just get what I need as needed!

    And yes, people are totally crazy at the grocery store. I often wonder why they don't rush home to their families or something. And here you can time them to come at quarter past and quarter to the hours, right after their tv show ended...

  4. When I run out of something, I just go buy it because it frustrates me too much if I need it and I don't have it at home. Especially if it is something like Sunlight Liquid.

  5. I try to do a grocery shop only once a week. I do occasionally forget something. Luckily I work very close to a PNP and a checkers so I always try to go during lunch time if I need to. I NEVER go after work with the kids in tow. That would just make us all miserable. Depending on what the item is that I am missing I may very well go without it if I discover that I need something while I'm already cooking.

  6. I do my bulk shopping once a month. Then for the in between things I make do until I run out of either milk or cigarettes. Anything critical or semi-critical gets bought then too, other bits and bobs end up on the monthly list for the end of the month.

    I love lists...


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