Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blogger meet-up

Hmmm, is anyone interested in a Jhb/ Pretoria blogger meet-up?

In about a month or two?

PS my life is hectic so it takes some time for weekends or we could do a weeknight sooner?


  1. Week nights are not going to work for me. Hubby starting a new work on 1 April and week nights I have to do homework and house work. But if it MUST, then I'll make a plan.
    I am up for a blogger meet-up :)

  2. Wish I could be there.x

  3. Absolutely! But only if you move the venue to the States ;)

  4. Yes! Would love to! One day, maybe... : )

  5. I want to!!! If only it were possible... :-)

  6. of course! i've always wanted to come to south africa!! (maybe someday!)

  7. I'd love to! Week nights are no good for me...

  8. Yes! But weeknights will be hard between PTA and JHB. Would love to meet you though


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